RFID Sprinter Inventory System
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RFID Sprinter Inventory System

Permanent RFID monitoring of assets, stocks, and equipment

The solution allows contactless reading without line-of-sight connection between the RFID tag and the RFID reader, with a reading range of several metres. Due to the possibility of bulk reading, RFID stocktaking presents another advantage compared to barcodes: Reading multiple RFID tags at once.

This makes reading all items – even indoors – quick and easy.

Tino Steickert

From consulting to implementation to service: 1 expert in charge of, 1 contact person. All from one hand!

Tino Steickert
Managing Director
Friedberg-Dorheim, Germany



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Our RFID Sprinter Inventory system supports the IoT and Industry 4.0 by enabling permanent monitoring of assets, stocks, and equipment with mobile data capture devices via RFID tags. The data gathered during stocktaking are compared with stock data, leading to a reliable real-time analysis of the complete inventory, an optimisation in stock and equipment planning, and a lower capital commitment due to a reduction of superfluous stocks.


  • Applications in almost every industry
  • Due to deployment of RFID tags with optimum read performance, also suited for use in extreme environments such as outdoor storages, cold storages, or chemical storages

With RFID Konsortium, prepare for optimal procurement and logistics systems in retail, industry and service, master cost optimization and unlock new growth potential!

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