Assembly Control with RFID
Tracking & Tracing

Assembly Control with RFID

Standardized machine connection via OPC interface

Control of assembly processes with lots of variants and the smallest of batch sizes. RFID marked products are identified according to their workstation and displayed at it together with assembly information. Scans and hard-copy documents are no longer needed.

For this purpose order data from the ERP system is processed and sequenced by GRAIDWARE. This solution also includes automated feedback, employee entries and machine communication via OPC UA, as well as the control of pickby- light systems.

Key Facts

  • Tracking of products while assemblying via RFID
  • Batch size 1 production with lots of variants
  • Product-specific information supply for each workstation
  • Product-specific data acquisition
  • Retrieval of orders from ERP and their scheduling
  • Machine control and machine querying via PLCs using OPC UA
  • Interface to ERP for automated feedback about assembly steps
  • Control of pick-by-light systems


  • Block storage
  • Rack storage
  • Entry/exit of goods
  • Container management
  • Order tracking
Industrial Production
Tracking & Tracing
Carrier Management


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