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RFID is the key technology for embedding intelligence into simple physical products, turning them into connected, ‘living’ products.

SMARTRAC enables the digitization of everyday products by combining our world-leading, innovative RFID products with our Smart Cosmos IoT solutions suite, which enables customers to realize innovative applications and services for a plethora of use cases.

Thorsten Braas

Serving as key elements of digital transformation, our RFID and NFC inlays and tags and sensor products are available in customized form factors, to suit the needs of a wide range of industries and businesses.

Thorsten Braas
Sales Director DACH Industry
Frankfurt am Main, Germany



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Smart Cosmos consists of the following key elements required to turn physical products into digital platforms:

  • A platform that manages the digitized product data and makes it available to many digital systems. This provides the springboard for new IoT applications that can transform relationships with customers, suppliers, the supply chain – and transform businesses.
  • A digital identity solution that enables you to assign a secure digital identity and additional data to individual products at the point of manufacture, or a subsequent point in the supply chain, in a tightly controlled process step that can be applied in non-secure environments.
  • End-to-end solutions to utilize product data for consumer experience innovation, inventory and supply chain management, and many more applications.

SMARTRAC is a global leader in innovative RFID products and IoT-based solutions. We make objects smart and products come alive by unleashing the Internet of Things, creating additional value for people and businesses.

  • Broad product range covering LF, HF, NFC, UHF, and hybrid inlays and tags
  • Most comprehensive technology portfolio in high-end wafer processing, antenna design, bonding, lamination, and assembly
  • Proven track record of several billion products produced and supplied

Smartrac Introduces Midas FlagTag® with NXP’s UCODE® 7xm IC

Building on the success of its innovative Midas FlagTag® for items with metallic, plastic and cardboard surfaces, Smartrac has announced a Midas FlagTag, now also featuring NXP’s UCODE® 7xm IC. Leveraging the IC’s specific capabilities, Midas FlagTag UCODE 7xm is particularly suitable for applications like asset tracking, inventory management or process optimization in the automotive industry as well as other industrial environments. Introduced roughly one year ago, Smartrac’s unique Midas FlagTag design uses the metallic surface as part of the antenna structure, ensuring superior performance in demanding physical environments, while providing cost advantages over foam-based inlays and hard tags typically used in tougher industrial environments.

Smartrac Launches MiniWeb and DogBone Inlays with UCODE8 ICs

Smartrac is introducing two more inlays featuring NXP’s UCODE® 8 RAIN RFID ICs: MiniWeb, currently the world’s smallest inlay, and DogBone. Leveraging the IC’s extended read range and usability in light dielectric materials such as cardboard or plastic boxes, MiniWeb and DogBone, both IoT-ready, excel in item-level retail and many logistics applications.

Alibaba Invests in Smartrac to Enhance Brand Protection

Targeting Accelerated IoT Solutions Growth Smartrac Technology Group announced today that Alibaba Group will invest in the company, reinforcing both parties’ commitment to strengthen brand protection strategies. Michael Evans, President of Alibaba Group, will join Smartrac’s Supervisory Board.

Smartrac Expands its NFC Portfolio for Challenging Applications

Focused on providing innovative IoT solutions and latest technologies, Smartrac is extending its portfolio of NFC products twofold. While its recently introduced Circus™ Flex and Dura tags offer enhanced environmental resistance for brand and retail applications, Smartrac’s all-new On-Metal products allow for efficient tagging of metal surfaces in industrial and automotive applications.

idion disc With Built-in NFC Performs at iHeartRadio’s Wango Tango

This year's iHeartRadio’s Wango Tango by AT&T concert in Los Angeles (Saturday, June 2) saw the first large-scale rollout of the idion disc™, a patented, skin-applied wearable with built-in NFC capability that is essentially imperceptible when worn. Developed by idion LLC, a leader in skin-applied wearables, in partnership with Smartrac Technology Group, a global leader in RFID products and Internet of Things solutions, the idion disc™ is a thin, flexible, skin-adherent, wearable device that enables brands and venues to enhance attendee and guest experiences, increase engagement and increase sponsorship and partnership revenue.

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