Urban Parcel Logistics with BLE and RFID
  • Urban Parcel Logistics with BLE and RFID
  • Urban Parcel Logistics with BLE and RFID
  • Urban Parcel Logistics with BLE and RFID
  • Urban Parcel Logistics with BLE and RFID
  • Urban Parcel Logistics with BLE and RFID
  • Urban Parcel Logistics with BLE and RFID
  • Urban Parcel Logistics with BLE and RFID
  • Urban Parcel Logistics with BLE and RFID
Parcel Logistics

Urban Parcel Logistics with BLE and RFID

Founded in 2015 and part of the La Poste Group since 2017, the French logistics company 'Stuart' modernizes processes in parcel logistics in order to manage increasing parcel volumes and fulfill customer expectations for punctual same-day deliveries. The opening of a new sorting warehouse in Paris also made a modernization necessary. The acceptance and delivery of goods, shipment tracking as well as the management of the vehicle fleet have been modernized through the integration of wireless Bluetooth ring scanners, mobile computers and RFID industrial printers.

Stuart is present in six European countries and serves over 8,000 customers in 125 cities. In addition to food retailers and restaurants, customers include the companies Carrefour, Franprix, Monoprix, Fnac-Darty, Sephora, Nespresso, Decathlon, Zara und Sézane. Stuart's expertise lies in last mile logistics.

In Paris' 15th Arrondissement, Stuart utilized bicycle couriers to deliver parcels from a central trailer to reduce the environmental impact of last mile logistics. In addition, Stuart aims to test mobility via the K-Ryole electrically assisted trailers.

(Image Source: Stuart Logistics, Zebra)

Process Requirements

Stuart previously used mobile devices that were outdated in terms of connectivity, processing speed and memory memory. The new solution should guarantee the tracking and tracing of deliveries, automate sorting processes in the warehouse, digitize and enable flexible delivery planning, enable automatic identification of parcels and increase the transparency of all processes. These services enable same day delivery, last mile logistics and express logistics requirements in urban infrastructure.

Objectives of Stuart Logistics

  • Modernization of acceptance, delivery and tracking of goods
  • Guaranteed delivery tracking
  • Automation of sorting processes and digitization of delivery planning
  • Punctual same day deliveries
  • Environmental impact reduction of last mile logistics
  • Automatic identification of parcels

The Stuart Logistics Solution

Each operator can work efficiently hands-free as they receive, store, sort, check and deposit parcels before delivery to their final destinations. In addition, an innovative print and peel solution means that it is easy for operators to quickly produce and securely apply shipping labels to items using the industrial printers.

The solution includes localization and centralized resetting capabilities for all devices. The system displays the number of devices in use or under load and the current user status. The company's IT platform enables optimized deliveries by efficiently utilizing the fleet of geographically spread out couriers. The digitization of consignment processes thereby enables improved deliveries.

A smart cabinet is being tested to simplify the management and controlling of all mobile devices and to guarantee the security of the computers.

The solution has been installed in the Paris warehouses and is being rolled out in a standardized manner to other business locations, including the cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Lyon and London.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software

  • Zebra Technologies - TC52x Mobile Computer
  • Zebra Technologies - Bluetooth®-paired Zebra RS5100 Ring Scanner
  • Zebra Technologies - ZT400-Serie Industrial Printer
  • Zebra Technologies - DS2208 Handheld Imager
  • Zebra Technologies - Zebra Access Management System (ZAMS)
  • Zebra Technologies - Zebra Mobility DNA Software Suite
  • Zebra Technologies - Zebra StageNow Software


  • Productivity increased by 15 percent
  • Print performance increased by 70 percent
  • Delivery errors eliminated
  • Simplification of device management and delivery planning

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