RFID Rollout in Over 200 Stores at Superdry
  • RFID Rollout in Over 200 Stores at Superdry
  • RFID Rollout in Over 200 Stores at Superdry

RFID Rollout in Over 200 Stores at Superdry

The RFID technology at Superdry is to be expanded and used in all 200 stores. The stores in the UK, Europe and the United States will be the first to be implemented with this technology.

The objective: to generate more accurate inventories, improve coordination between online trade and sales in the stores, and reduce inventory times.

The fashion retailer Superdry plans to use the RFID rollout to further promote omnichannel retailing. With 515 sales outlets in 46 countries, the fashion brand has an international presence.

Process Requirements

High error rates in RFID tag reading led to a minimization of the reading range and time-consuming inventory. The financial investment required for physical shielding between the sales area and the storage area created a need for action.


  • More accurate inventory
  • More efficient stocktaking
  • Optimization of online orders


With reading strength reduced to 30 percent during the pilot phase, the inventory took about two and a half hours. The use of virtual shielding eliminates the need for cost-intensive physical shielding and the inventory time is currently only 25 minutes.

The employees use the !D Cloud App, which shows which articles have to be brought from the warehouse to the sales floor. The locations of the products as well as their availability in the store are disclosed. The color and size selection of individual products is also supported. If a desired item is not available in the store, the technology identifies the nearest location where the product is available.

The result: Increased inventory accuracy while reducing the time needed for inventory. The increased availability on the sales floor and the resulting time savings for employees lead to a maximization of sales. At the same time, the customer experience in the store as well as in online retail is optimized.


  • Increase in inventory accuracy
  • Maximization of sales transactions
  • Customer experience in store and online
  • Availability of the articles on sales floor


  • Use of RFID technology for increased supply chain transparency
  • Click & Collect option

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