Wine Supply Chain with RFID
  • Wine Supply Chain with RFID
  • Wine Supply Chain with RFID
  • Wine Supply Chain with RFID
Supply Chain Management

Wine Supply Chain with RFID

Ca’ del Bosco is one of the most modern and advanced wineries in Italy and known for exceptional wines. The young Italian winery was established in the Franciacorta wine-growing region of Lombardy since 1965. The predicate term Franciacorta originates from the Ca' del Bosco winery.

Process Requirements

Consumers of wine products expect to receive detailed information about wines and their production process. This is especially true for top quality products. To meet this demand for information and to simultaneously protect the authenticity of Ca' del Bosco's products, the operators planned the introduction of an identification solution with RFID technology. The track & trace solution was to transparently map the supply chain from the grape to bottling and the sales process.

Objectives of Ca' del Bosco

The main objective was to implement a system that could automatically track the entire production process and global supply chain. Overall efficiency, accuracy and control throughout the supply chain should be improved. All wine products should be transparent and traceable in real time. Both brand protection and consumer information were also to be realized automatically by the winery. The quality of the wines as well as their origin and production should be proven and communicated to customers.

The Ca' del Bosco-Solution

Wine production involves many steps, which in turn vary from wine to wine. At Ca' del Bosco, the first step was to systematically record the vineyards and the grape varieties that grow there. After the grapes have been harvested, the winemaker can trace them back to the original vineyard. After the harvest, the mash is made, then the fermentation process takes place, followed by pressing and finally filtering. Only then does the main fermentation begin.

In the complex production process, RFID-tagged pallets help to accurately match the different grapes and grape varieties to the associated musts to achieve a specific recipe. Depending on the final product, the wines are filled into specific containers, tracked and identified with UHF RFID tags. During the labeling phase, the bottle is provided with a unique ID through serialization, which allows its traceability outside the winery, within the supply chain and on the market, facilitating logistical operations.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software

  • Kathrein Solutions - RAIN RFID Labels


  • Streamlining the production process
  • Tracing the product in the entire manufacturing process
  • Controlling and registering the results of the analysis and quality control checks
  • Controlling the grey market
  • Protecting the trademark against counterfeits
  • Guaranteeing customers the credibility and authenticity of each bottle of Ca' del Bosco wine

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