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E-magazine RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 02/2022
Textile Management with RFID
  • Textile Management with RFID
  • Textile Management with RFID
  • Textile Management with RFID
  • Textile Management with RFID
Textile Management

Textile Management with RFID

The German Red Cross e.V. (DRK) is one of the largest charitable organizations in Germany with over 3 million members.

The local DRK association in Schwenningen aimed to digitize the management of work clothing for its 100 emergency personnel.

Cumbersome administrative tasks in the management of service and work clothing should be avoided. Emergency personnel should be able to concentrate fully on their actual work and have easy access to the necessary work clothing when needed.

Process Requirements

The demand for work clothing fluctuates greatly due to the pandemic situation. The number of emergency personnel varies - all of which must supplied with work clothing at short notice.

Objectives of the DRK

  • Digitize laundry documentation
  • Automate dispensing and return of work clothes
  • Improve hygiene management
  • Prevent loss of work clothing

The DRK Solution

300 garments were tagged with RFID tags and stored in four smart cabinets. The RFID tags are read automatically when the work clothes are removed from the cabinets and booked to the personnel account of the staff member; an RFID-enabled ID card is used for this purpose. The stock of available workwear is monitored and can be replenished if it falls below a minimum level.

Employees return the used clothing into an RFID-enabled return locker with a laundry bag. The return is recorded on the staff account. Once a fill limit is exceeded, an email notification is sent to empty the closet. All users, garments, events and laundry movements are managed and documented. Temporary duty personnel receive an RFID-enabled ID card and gain access to the duty clothing pool.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software

  • deister electronic - teXtag
  • deister electronic - texReturn
  • deister electronic - texCabinets
  • deister electronic - Management Software Commander Connect


  • Efficient and transparent textile management with automated dispensing and returns
  • Easy supply of work clothing to staff
  • Work clothing constantly available
  • Improved hygiene

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