Just-in-sequence Bumper Identification
Industrial Production

Just-in-sequence Bumper Identification

UHF System eases just in sequence production at tier supplier

Just in sequence productions benefits from a identification directly on the component, which can be utilised by Tier 1 and automotive manufacturers alike. Turck’s integration partner Sigma Chemnitz has created a solution that guarantees reliable UHF identification in the near field as well as over long distances.

Multiple RFID readers monitor the correct storage of the bumpers into containers. Sigma’s AutoID middleware Graidware not only captures the signals, but also checks the signals for plausibility using sophisticated algorithms. Interference signals from neighboring transportation routes or passing forklifts are recognized as false signals and filtered out. Sigma utilized Turck‘s full range of automation products for the project.

In addition to the connection of HF and UHF readers, Turck's modular RFID system BL ident also allows the connection of trigger signals to BL gateways.

Key Facts

  • UHF smart labels for the RFID system BL ident are attached directly to the bumper, forming the basis for highly efficient bumper manufacture and JIS delivery to the automotive manufacturer
  • The data carriers allow unique identification of bumper types and versions
  • Intelligent processing of RFID data all the way to MES and ERP systems
  • Even localisation of bumpers is possible with the system


  • System is applicable for narrow deliviery times and many productions steps
  • Applicable for food and beverage industry as well
  • It can be used throughout the whole production process across different factories
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