RFID Deployment in the Treatment of Heating Water
  • RFID Deployment in the Treatment of Heating Water
  • RFID Deployment in the Treatment of Heating Water
  • RFID Deployment in the Treatment of Heating Water
Water Treatment

RFID Deployment in the Treatment of Heating Water

Veolia S.A. operates as a service provider for municipalities and for industry. The French company is headquartered in Paris and employs around 171,000 people in 74 countries worldwide. Its core business areas include water/wastewater, waste management and energy supply. Veolia operates drinking water and wastewater treatment plants as well as energy networks and offers industry and municipalities services such as municipal waste disposal and recycling.

Veolia wanted to optimize the heating water treatment with a solution that automatically ensures the standard-compliant filling and controlled replenishment of water. The flow rates of the water and the filter conditions in the treatment plants were to be precisely determined, and their monitoring and maintenance were to be carried out remotely.

Process Requirements

In the treatment of heating water, water must be optionally desalinated, softened, alkalized, filtered or degassed. The treatment plant must be able to carry out these processes individually depending on the water condition. Furthermore, the treatment material must be renewed on a regular basis. The change and installation of the treatment material must be done correctly, controlled and verifiable to ensure the longevity and functionality of the plant. The change of the material as well as maintenance and operation of the plant should also be made as simple as possible.

Objectives of Veolia

  • Increasing safety in heating water treatment
  • Simplifying system maintenance and change of treatment material
  • Accurate billing of treatment performance for customers
  • Reducing energy consumption and costs of the plants
  • Ensuring standard-compliant water quality

The Veolia Solution

Veolia offers customers a treatment system for heating water that works on the basis of RFID-supported processes. An RFID chip integrated into the consumable material ensures that the system recognizes the material automatically and accompanies and documents the change of material step by step. Errors during filter changes are prevented and customers can be sure that the correct consumables are being used in the system. The condition of the consumables is monitored over the entire service life of the system.

The filter performance of the consumables can be set more optimally and adapted precisely to the specific water quality at the customer's site. The solution also generates important data on utilization, running costs and wear. The current operating data is transmitted to the online service platform Aquavista via LTE modem and stored. In this way, a digital plant log is created, as is usually required by boiler manufacturers as part of the warranty.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software

  • Schreiner Group – RFID Tags
  • Schreiner Group – Item Match Control


  • Standard-compliant water quality is guaranteed
  • Exact billing according to filter performance
  • Reduction of energy consumption and plant costs
  • Increased safety in water treatment
  • Correct replacement of consumables
  • Control of the expiry cycles of consumables

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