Contactless Payment on Buses in Oldenburg
  • Contactless Payment on Buses in Oldenburg
  • Contactless Payment on Buses in Oldenburg
Contactless Payment

Contactless Payment on Buses in Oldenburg

The Vekehr und Wasser GmbH (VWG) has equipped its entire bus fleet of 112 vehicles with contactless payment terminals since January 14th 2021.

The objective is to ensure a quick and hygienic payment process for public buses in Oldenburg. Bus passengers can now purchase tickets in a contactless and hygienic way directly on the bus. CVEND plug contactless payment terminals are now available in all public buses in the Oldernburg region.

The Vekehr und Wasser GmbH (VWG) is the public transport provider in the Oldenburg region in Germany. The VWG is dedicated to providing citizens with environmentally friendly public transport and drinking water of excellent quality. The entire fleet at VWG consists entirely of vehicles powered by bio natural gas. The VWG also supplies the citizens of Oldenburg with drinking water via waterworks in Donnerschwee, Alexanderfeld and Sandkrug.

Process Requirements

An increasing number of German citizens are now using cards or smartphones for payments in small amounts. The German government has also encouraged the use of contactless payment methods wherever possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Payment on public transport should be quick, safe and hygienic. Problems with payment and any subsequent time delays should be eliminated via cashless payment.


  • Improving punctuality in bus schedules
  • Providing a quick, safe and hygienic payment method for bus passengers

The VWG Solution

The VWG has implemented a contactless and mobile payment solution on the entire bus fleet in Oldenburg. All combined on-board computers and ticking printers have been replaced with EVENDpc3 units to support the contactless payment method.

At the heart of the solution is the cVEND plug. The payment module is integrated flush in the on-board computer. The cVEND plug can be mounted on the machine of choice with the cVEND plug modular kit, consisting of distance framing. These distance frames ensure that there is sufficient space between the terminal and any metal surface. Metal interference is thus eliminated.

The cVEND plug covers a wide range of payment options including girocards, debit cards, credit cards, GooglePAY or Apple PAY payments via NFC-enabled smartphones. A single tap or wave of the card or device on the cVEND plug payment terminal results in the automatic printing of the ticket. The process is completed in a few seconds. No pin is required, thus ensuring contactless payment.

Transaction via card or smartphone app is transmitted online via the cVEND terminal through a payment gateway to the card-issuing bank. Information is instantly received by the terminal, confirming the payment and authorizing passengers for boarding with a printed ticket.

The quick payment process also ensures that bus schedules are adhered to, eliminating any delays with payment. Buses can leave the bus stop on time.

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  • Quick, safe and hygienic payment method
  • Optimized safety for bus drivers and passengers
  • Improved punctuality in bus schedules

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