NFC Transponder Built into the Smallest Space in Timepieces
  • NFC Transponder Built into the Smallest Space in Timepieces
  • NFC Transponder Built into the Smallest Space in Timepieces
  • NFC Transponder Built into the Smallest Space in Timepieces
Customer Experience

NFC Transponder Built into the Smallest Space in Timepieces

Werenbach AG is a Swiss watch manufacturer that produces timepieces from rocket material. For this purpose, rocket material is salvaged from the Kazakh steppe, imported to Switzerland and used to create a unique dial for each watch.

Among other things, the company includes certificates of authenticity as well as rocket remnants when it ships watches. Werenbach wanted to increase customer loyalty and the user experience of the watches by adding more features.

(Image Source: Werenbach AG)

Process Requirements

Watches have a small design that makes it difficult to integrate transponders. These must not have a negative impact on the appearance or functionality of the timepiece.

Werenbach offers customers a five-year warranty. Built-in transponders must also fulfill the quality promise and withstand the impact of the production process. The tags must also be able to be read without error in the metallic environment of the watches.

Objectives of Werenbach

  • Enabling additional product features
  • Enhancing customer experience
  • Guaranteeing high quality and functionality of watches for five years

The Werenbach Solution

Werenbach uses NFC transponders from Neosid, which are installed in the watches. Thanks to its precisely tuned electrical properties, the tag achieves high reading ranges when used with mobile devices, despite the metallic environment. At the same time, the miniaturized components require very little space, so that the height of a watch with an NFC transponder does not differ from a version without NFC. The tag is inconspicuously installed in the watch casing.

The tag is read by holding an NFC-enabled smartphone to the watch. The information on the tag redirects the user to a model-specific website. Werenbach has created a separate landing page for each watch model. Customers receive detailed key data on the components that make up the dial of their unique watch. The livestream of the International Space Station ISS can also be seen, as well as the history of the rocket mission from which the installed rocket part originates.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software

  • Neosid - NFC Transponder


  • Unique customer experience implemented depending on the watch model
  • Solution without negative impact on functionality or appearance
  • Customer satisfaction increased via unique features

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