Zeppelin Rental Counts on Active RFID
  • Zeppelin Rental Counts on Active RFID
  • Zeppelin Rental Counts on Active RFID
  • Zeppelin Rental Counts on Active RFID
  • Zeppelin Rental Counts on Active RFID
  • Zeppelin Rental Counts on Active RFID
  • Zeppelin Rental Counts on Active RFID
Überwachung von Mietobjekten

Zeppelin Rental Counts on Active RFID

Zeppelin Rental is a supplier of equipment for construction, landscaping, events, and the public sector. The rental portfolio encompasses more than 62,000 machines and equipment in 120 branches.

In order to optimize the rental and return of these objects - which was previously a paper-based process - the company opted for an RTLS application from Kathrein Solutions.

Kathrein combined active RFID tags on all devices, four reading points per branch as well as the Kathrein CrossTalk IoT-Suite to reduce costs and time, and to improve availability.

Process Requirements

The goal of Zeppelin Rental was to enhance the rental process and automatically register the equipment and machines at the locations. Previously, this work was carried out manually on paper. The standardization and automation of the process was intended to enable faster equipment availability and more efficient use of resources and space.


The entire rental fleet - from the vibratory plate to the crawler excavator - was labelled with active RFID tags. A reading infrastructure was installed at each location. Two reading points in the outdoor area with a detection range of around 150 metres each and two reading points in the indoor area with a range of around 35 metres each, cover the entire site.

Thus, all areas of a rental station are fully covered. Each RFID transponder is directly connected to the Zeppelin Rental ERP system via interface. This interface enables each rental device to be recorded automatically and in real time as soon as it is recognized by a reading point at the location.


  • The investment in the RFID-Solution and the integration of the RFID-Software Crosstalk from Kathrein Solutions leads to a significant increase in process efficiency in incoming and outgoing goods as well as in inventories.
  • The employees of the rental stations can use this time for an even more intensive exchange with the customers.
  • In addition, Zeppelin Rental benefits from faster equipment availability thanks to real-time detection of the rental equipment.
  • The real-time data is also an important factor for web-based customer services such as the online rental platform.


  • Other projects in which the implementation of Crosstalk can be used are currently being evaluated.

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