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01/2020 - Publication date: February 20th 2020

An important tendency in the retail sector in recent years is the declining number of companies - between 2012 and 2017 it has decreased by 1.5 %. According to the German Federal Statistical Office (Dtl.), retail sales in 2019 were approximately 2.9 % higher than in 2018. Nevertheless, stationary retail is facing major challenges due to the influence of two-digit growth in e-commerce.

In most European countries, the share of online shoppers, purchasing via mobile phone or tablet, is over 50 %. One trend: on average multichannel shoppers spend three times more than 'traditional' customers. The new technological possibilities are therefore of tremendous importance for retailers' sales objectives.

Experts are very optimistic about the forecasts for sales using RFID transponders. Expenses are a significant factor in the development. They are considered to be a substantial external force for establishing RFID as a standard.


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Anja Van Bocxlaer
Anja Van Bocxlaer

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Our Solution Search has been developed with the supplier excellence and the application possibilities of high-quality products in mind. The solutions offered by the suppliers on this platforms are innovative, customer-specific, adjustable, and ready to be implemented. The wireless technology used is future-oriented and exactly fitted to the solution requirements. If you are looking for a solution provided by a specific supplier, our Filter by Brands category at the bottom of the page gives you that option.

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All solutions in this search engine are based on rollouts from suppliers using RFID, NFC, BLE or other wireless technologies in various fields of application. With several filters in the Technologies category plus filters in the categories of Range, Data Carrier Design, and Data Handling, the search can be narrowed down quickly.

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It is important that a solution is optimised for a certain area of application. Our Application Fields category provides you with a number of filters, including Industrial IoT, Maintenance, Logistics, Retail, Healthcare, Smart solutions, and, of course, Security. Combine Application Fields with the Scope section to find very specific solutions.

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