Stadiums Journey Towards RFID

Lecture by Johan Stenström, Supply Chain Developer, Stadium
Lecture by Johan Stenström, Supply Chain Developer, Stadium

Improving Inventory Accuracy from 70 % to 99 %


Inventory Management

Lecturer: Johan Stenström, Supply Chain Developer, Stadium

Title: Stadiums Journey Towards RFID


    • Why did Stadium start using RFID?
    • How to improve your inventory accuracy
    • Real time replenishment list to sales floor
    • How to deploy RFID in a retail store

Stadium is undergoing a transformation in terms of inventory management and customer service. Having partnered with SML, Stadium has significantly improved inventory accuracy from 70 % to 99 %. The pilot project began in 2018 where item-level RFID technology was deployed across 180 Stadium stores in the Nordics. This enabled weekly store counts for every stores. Floor replenishment, receiving and sales has also been enhanced with the use of SML’s Clarity®.

Implemented RFID frees up time for sales staff from logistics activities so that more time can be put into sales activities, leading to an overall increase in sales. Full RFID deployment was completed at the end of 2021.

Source: Think Wireless IoT Day 01-2022: Retail, Consumer IoT, Logistics & Supply Chain

Date: February 16th 2022

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