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Smart Pig Farming with IoT Sensors

Stal Data
Lecture from Jari Vogels, Owner, Stal Data
Lecture from Jari Vogels, Owner, Stal Data

Optimize Animal Health and Growth with Ideal Barn Conditions


Animal Husbandry With IoT

Speaker: Jari Vogels, Owner, Stal Data

Title: Smart Farming: Improving Animal Health and Well-Being with IoT Technology


    • IoT Sensors Monitor Animal Well-Being
    • Temperature, Moisture, CO2 and NH3 Monitoring in Pig Farming
    • Data Transmission in Agriculture with LoRaWAN
    • Raising Livestock in Compliance with Ammonia Limits
    • Optimizing Barn Conditions with Real Time Data

Farms are scaling up. Barn sizes and the number of livestock are increasing. Maintaining optimal conditions becomes difficult.

Precision livestock farming involves maintaining good animal nutrition and health. Barn conditions influence the latter. Temperature, humidity, CO2 and NH3 affect the animals. National regulations determine limits for substances like ammonia. IoT sensors are key to maintaining optimal barn conditions. Stal Data owner Jari Vogels explains why.

Source: Think Wireless IoT Day 01-2023: Retail + Food Logistics + Agriculture + Wireless IoT Technologies

Date: January 25th 2023

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