Gerhard Gangl, Managing Director, 7iD Technologies

7iD Technologies is a leading IoT solution and software provider based in Austria focusing on the automotive, logistics, healthcare and public safety industry.

  • 7iD has been successfully implementing UHF RFID solutions for more than 12 years with profound industry knowledge in automotive, productions and logistics
  • We offer system integrators a reliable and GS1 standardized RFID software for a rapid implementation of industrial projects
  • 7iD ensures the success of your project through reliable service and maintenance

I believe in a future where technology makes peoples life’s easier and industries more efficient. Albert Einstein said once "If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it." Here at 7iD, we work every single day to let this vision become true. Join us right now and start being absurd with us.

Gerhard Gangl, Managing Director, 7iD Technologies

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7iD Technologies

Trusted IoT software and solutions

7iD Technologies is a leading RAIN UHF RFID system integrator based in Graz, Austria. Since 2005, we are successfully implementing tailor-made turn-key IIoT solutions in the automotive, logistics and healthcare industry. All of our projects are based on our GS1 standardized Device Integration Platform DIPTM, which guarantees investment security and hundred percent manufacturer independency.

In addition to our European solution business, we license our software products to integration partners all over the world. Either follow Ford Motors, Magna or DHL and leverage our experience in digitalizing complex processes. Or join our global system integrators network and license our software products.

Superior and reliable RFID applications

Global installations in automotive, logistics, manufacturing and healthcare industries are testimony to the high quality of 7iD solutions. The reason for our excellence is our superior software portfolio which is made to realize solutions in all areas of the industrial internet-of-things (respectively Industry 4.0) fast, sustainable and in-budget.

  • 7iD’s 7identifyTM: A fast and easy to use webbased RFID middleware for proof-of-concepts and small installations.
  • 7iD’s Device Integration Platform DIPTM: A reliable and GS1 standardized software platform for global IIoT solutions.
  • 7iD’s AssetManagementTM: A powerful and flexible webbased application to track state and location of objects.
  • 7iD’s ProActTM: An intelligent realtime localization application in order to track and monitor patients as well as hospital staff .
Gerhard Gangl
Gerhard Gangl
Managing Director
Graz, Austria
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