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Jan van Honk, Sales Director, ALT Technologies

RFID solutions are taking the automotive industry by storm, enabling the evolution of electric vehicle charging and printed electronics capabilities. With our 50+ years of expertise and product development capabilities, we aim to serve the automotive industry’s shift to Industry 4.0. Along with tracking capabilities, including barcode-combined RFID tracking, the automotive industry is in the middle of an overhaul. There are more streamlined, valuable parts in the supply chain than ever as printed electronics and high-powered electric vehicle batteries take over older technologies. With our automotive expertise, we are in a prime position to address these new solutions head-on.

Jan van Honk, Sales Director, ALT Technologies

ALT Technologies

ALT Technologies is a global IATF-certified critical component and identification label manufacturer and a long-time preferred supplier to the automotive and home appliances industries. We have been innovating and continuously improving self-adhesive production for over 50 years. ALT is well-versed in OEM specifications, including RFID applications.

An essential aspect of what we do is rooted in being an automotive occupant safety components supplier. We strive to deliver the perfect solution for our customers: labels, airbag covers and wraps, electronics protection, printed electronics solutions, or RFID labels. The automotive industry is undergoing exciting change, and we are excited to participate. Our trusted expertise ensures you get a qualified solution.

Who Are We?

With headquarters in Utrecht, The Netherlands, an office in Ohio, USA and facilities in Chihuahua, Mexico; Lupeni, Romania; and Shanghai, China, ALT Technologies is your global supplier for durable goods industries. Our solutions span automotive, home appliances, electronics and beyond. Our international locations allow us to meet our customers quickly and efficiently.

With over 50 years of experience, ALT provides an extensive portfolio of innovative, tailor-made, die-cut self-adhesive applications, including converted RFID labels for the automotive market that we can combine with a print. For example, adding a barcode and making the label a double identification option. We specifically design each product for its unique application, ranging from adhesive-kill to adhesive-longevity, special die-cuts and liner options, roll-to-roll solutions withstanding harsh environments and much more.

With the advent of RFID technologies, IoT infrastructures and Industry 4.0 have taken off. This begins with a cost-efficient RFID label compliant with OEM, RFID and label specifications.

What We Do?

ALT Technologies prides itself on building long-lasting partnerships with our suppliers and customers, including world-renowned OEMs and car manufacturers. These foundations empower us to develop cutting-edge converting solutions with various RFID label options.

RFID barcode labels, on-metal, flag tags and extreme temperature RFID solutions and Shockwatch labels are just a few of the OEM-compliant solutions we have worked on extensively.

Converting the RFID tags into labels that include RFID and a barcode ensures a backup solution if a tag gets damaged. Combined RFID and barcode labels also cater to the possibility of unavailable RFID readers along the tiers.

Our extreme temperature RFID solutions span our knowledge of electronics protection, high-temperature foam and foils capabilities.

Our on-metal flag tag solutions enable adherence to difficult surfaces while allowing for easy RFID scanning in challenging surroundings.

With RFID best practices and keeping the automotive industry in mind, ALT Technologies has collaborated with Spotsee to supply a product called the ShockWatch RFID Impact Indicator. It tracks products such as headlights, instrument panels, glass, calibrated equipment, and brazed radiators along the supply chain.

Our RFID and label products enable solutions that:

  • Increase efficiency throughout the supply chain,
  • Can be created using thoroughly researched materials that adhere, peel, stick or seal depending on your unique needs,
  • Are guaranteed high-quality and can be OEM-compliant, so you know all specifications are being met easily.

Enter ALT Technologies solutions, the tomorrow of a sustainable and smart automotive factory.

ALT Technologies

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