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RFID & Wireless IoT Global, Issue 03/2022 - Publication date: September 14th, 2022
Robin Jang, CTO, Apulsetech

We listen to customer, think and talk in order to develop together. Let’s co-ruminate on the business and share the future plans together. RFID business with Apulsetech!

Robin Jang, CTO, Apulsetech


Apulsetech is a RFID company manufactures RFID handheld readers.

  • With over 20 years of RFID business experience in the field, we make the most efficient RFID handheld reader providing customers high-end technology for the loT world.
  • Apulsetech designs and manufactures a leading product suitable for various lndustries, such as Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Retail, transportation, and many others.
  • With our service, your business will grow and reach the world with new opportunities.
  • Do gain RFID experience with us, here's RFID at your service!

About Apulsetech

With our service, your business will grow and reach the world with new opportunities.

Apulsetech products offer slim and sophisticated design mobile RFID readers with class-leading UHF performance.

Free SDK and flexible sample applications make your software development easy.

α811 All-in-one RFID reader

α811 is an all-in-one UHF RFID reader based on the Android operating system. Users are able to collect data by using NFC, 2D barcode engines and camera functions. They can then work with the data on the device and send it to the server or another device by using WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, or 3G functions.

α811 can read an average of 160 tags from a distance of approximately 12M with a normal size tag (8x3cm). With special tags of high performance, that reading distance increases to 32M.

UHF, Barcodes, NFC, Camera, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G functions combined with the lightweight and distinctive design of α811 provides user convenience. A standard battery (6800mAh) allows for long-lasting UHF RFID reading and is swappable if new battery power is needed.

α711 RFID reader for your smartphone

α711 is a High performance UHF RFID reader connecting to almost any mobile phone.

You can select WIFI, Bluetooth or a USB connection to link to your Android mobile phone or iPhone and read the fastest and furthest RFID tags.

You can also opt to add a 2D barcode engine from Zebra to capture 1D/2D barcode data and multitask on your mobile phone efficiently.

α711 provides a stable connection between UHF reader and mobile phone. Furthermore it enables the user to use high performance UHF and barcode capturing functions with mobile phone functions such as computing systems, camera and cellular network.

You can hold two devices in one hand and perform whatever you need to do with the other hand efficiently.

A standard battery (6800mAh) allows long-lasting UHF RFID reading and is swappable if new battery power is needed. No need to wait for charging! You can experience better, differentiated high performance, and optimized design in UHF RFID reading with α711.

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Robin Jang
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