Lionel Geynet, RFID Project Manager, Asygn

Asygn is world's first provider of UHF RFID sensor chips enabling batteryless sensing applications.

Fully compliant with RAIN RFID infrastructures, the AS321X chips feature an analog interface for connection to external sensors and on-chip sensors such as temperature, strain, ambient light, magnetic field, motion or electrical contact.

RFID inventory capability has been fully demonstrated in the last decade. Based on installed infrastructures, manufacturing sites can now take advantage of Asygn's sensor chip to monitor the process and goods environment with marginal investments. Coupled with data fusion and AI, the RFID batteryless sensor offers a new paradigm of sensing. For example, predictive maintenance or resource efficiency improvement, based on a seamless deployment.

Lionel Geynet, RFID Project Manager, Asygn

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Asygn was created in 2008 by people with strong experience and knowledge in analog and RF IC design. They built an experienced team to tackle challenging and ambitious customer developments.

In 2014, Asygn decided to start developing its own product portfolio for the analog sensor interface and batteryless wireless sensors. The first product, AS3125, came out in 2015 and is now serving customers around the world for many applications.

Asygn has recently launched the AS321X series, the world’s first UHF RFID chips, enabling batteryless sensing applications.

The Asygn AS321X product family entails the following references.

  • AS3213 integrates internal sensors addressing e.g. strain, contact, hall effect, and ambient light measurements.
  • AS3211 and AS3212 RFID chips embed a read-out interface for resistive or capacitive transducers enabling wireless readout by any RAIN RFID reader
  • AS3210 is a minimal RFID solution for customers, only looking for RF energy harvesting and wake-up solutions.

Asygn is proud to bring these unique products to the sensor market and continues to serve its customers on a service basis for specific developments.

At the upcoming RFID and Wireless IoT tomorrow 2019 Conference on October 29th and 30th in Darmstadt near Frankfurt, Germany, Asygn invites you to a personal consultation and is available to answer any questions you may have.

Capturing Sensor Data With Conventional UHF Hardware

Chip designer Asygn presents a passive UHF RFID sensor chip, which can be used in any existing RFID application. Founded in 2008, Asygn first focused on the design of ICs for sensors and sensor interfaces in the RF environment. The experience gained in this technological environment has led the company to develop its first proprietary UHF RFID chip, which can be used as a full-fledged sensor in numerous applications. Series production of a first variant of the AS321X chip is scheduled to start in September 2019. RFID & Wireless IoT Global spoke with Nicolas Delorme, CTO, and Lionel Geynet, RFID Project Manager, of Asygn about the development, the application possibilities, and the next steps of further development.

Lionel Geynet
Lionel Geynet
RFID Project Manager
Grenoble, France
Nicolas Delorme
Nicolas Delorme
Chief Technology Officer
Grenoble, France
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