Marcio Muniz, VP of Digital Transformation and Enabler, Beontag

The RFID industry is experiencing an exciting moment with so many companies adopting the technology. Being part of this revolution is what motivates us to challenge ourselves to innovate and disrupt new markets.

Marcio Muniz, VP of Digital Transformation and Enabler, Beontag


Beontag specializes in the design, development and manufacture of RFID inlays, tags and labels (radio frequency identification), in addition to acting as an official equipment distributor.

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Who We Are

With over 37 years of market experience, Beontag has a vast portfolio of innovative and technological products that serve the retail, industries, and service sectors in Europe, The Americas and Asia. With best-in-class manufacturing facilities, continuous investments and a highly qualified team, the company has been expanding its business globally. With a broad portfolio of IoT solutions, focused on the manufacturing of RFID labels as well as software development and other solutions for digital transformation and sustainability of supply chains.

What We Do

Beontag RFID is committed to providing customers with cost effective solutions and global service with continuous innovation. We offer a full range of RFID support including inlays, labels, hardware and software.

Striving for quality and differentiating everything it offers to the RFID market, Beontag RFID maintains a team dedicated exclusively to the creation of products and new technologies to properly meets the specific demands of customers.

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Marcio Muniz
Marcio Muniz
VP / Digital Transformation Enabler
Vitor Tarcha
Vitor Tarcha
US General Manager
Houston, USA
Wellyngton Moralles Martins Junior
Wellyngton Moralles Martins Junior
RFID Director and Brazil Conversion
Itaim Bibi, Brazil
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