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E-magazine RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 02/2022
Jang Won Lee, CEO, Bluebird Inc.

Bluebird has been recognized for its technology, quality, and convenience in the European public service market with high entry barriers due to its long technology verification period and high standards. With our new RFID line up, we will accelerate our global market penetration.

Jang Won Lee, CEO, Bluebird Inc.

Bluebird Inc.

Total solution provider offering enterprise optimized mobile computers, tablets and RFID solutions

Since 1995, Bluebird has been an industry leader in providing innovative mobile computers and RFID solutions developed with its high-end technology.

With an innovative and experimental spirit, Bluebird has applied logical extensions to industrial mobile devices and created a working lifestyle which allows enterprise customers to maximize their investment, improve their workforce productivity, and manage performance in the most efficient way.

Furthermore, Bluebird is expanding its RFID product and solution lineups to take a step forward in its market expansion. Bluebird's broad product portfolio spans across all markets, connecting people to information, wherever they need it.

Who We Are

Bluebird is the first and only global manufacturer which provides all the different types of industrial mobile devices from mobile computers, payment terminals, enterprise tablets to RFID reader solutions and consulting services as one-stop services.

Bluebird’s broad product portfolio connects more than 3,000 customers to data anytime and anywhere, maximizing customers’ business values by improving productivity and efficiency in 120 countries.

Value Enablers

We fulfill our customer's core values

Proactive Technology Leaders

Bluebird develops leading edge technologies and quickly adapts to changing market requirements.


We take pride in creating products that exceed our customer's expectations


RFID Product Innovations From South Korea

Jang Won Lee, CEO of Bluebird, explains the unique selling points of Bluebird's product portfolio and provides insights into the development of the RFID market in South Korea.

Supplier Excellence


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