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Akin Altunbas, Co-Founder & CEO, Borda Technology

IoT for Healthcare brings ultimate awareness into all hospital operations. Awareness of patient journey, asset utilization, staff workflows, and many more. This birds-eye view is an essential part of smart hospitals. The transformation in healthcare is not just about the transition from conventional health to digital health. The real transformation will be possible with the transition from digital health to smart health. At this point, operations are not only managed digitally; they are also assisted by artificial intelligence. COVID19 pandemic accelerated the need for the hospital transformation process by revealing inefficiencies in hospital operations. We will see more and more IoT implementations in healthcare beyond the COVID-19 period.

Akin Altunbas, Co-Founder & CEO, Borda Technology

Borda Technology

IoT for Healthcare

With over a decade of IoT experience, Borda brings operational awareness and insight to hospitals with actionable IoT data. The result is increased efficiency, enhanced safety, better patient care, and advanced patient experience.

Award-Winning Products for Hospitals

  • PATIENT: Patient Throughput Management, Infant Safety, Patient Safety
  • ASSET: Asset Management, Asset Utilization, Asset Safety
  • STAFF: Staff Safety, Staff Utilization
  • FACILITY: Location-Aware Work Demand Management, Environmental Monitoring

Borda Technology is a product company that focuses on the health sector. The company brings awareness and insights regarding operational processes enabling hospital managers to make more accurate decisions while managing unmanageable operations and minimizing human intervention in manual processes.

Borda Technology, operating in more than 15 countries with offices in America, Turkey, and Russia, has already covered:

  • over 5,000,000 square meters of the hospital area
  • over 20,000 bed capacity
  • the management of over 1,000,000 healthcare assets


  • Intelligent Health Association - IoT Solutions to Transform Healthcare: 2020 Winner (USA)
  • RFID Journal - Best healthcare RFID/IoT Implementation: 2020 Runner Up (USA)
  • Fast Company - IoT Awards: 2020 Top 3 (Turkey)
  • Fast Company – 50 Most Innovative Companies (Turkey)
  • Ernst & Young - Entrepreneur of the Year: 2019 Finalist (Turkey)
  • RFID Journal - Best healthcare RFID/IoT Implementation: 2018 Winner (USA)
  • RFID Journal - Best healthcare RFID/IoT Implementation: 2017 Runner Up (USA)
Borda Technology

Revolutionizing Healthcare with IoT

Hospital Transformation Journey: From Conventional to Digital. From Digital to Intelligent.

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