Hiddo Hilboezen, Vice President Sales, Merchandise Availability Solutions, Checkpoint Systems

Checkpoint Systems is a global leader in end-to-end solutions enabling retailers to achieve accurate real-time inventory, accelerate the replenishment cycle, prevent out-of-stocks, and reduce theft.

  • Complete RFID Solutions (RF and RFID Labels, Hardware and Software)
  • Consulting, Implementation and Services for RFID solutions
  • Data and labels management via the online platform check-NET

Stationary commerce is turning digital and the necessity for solutions that enable connectivity on-site and the usage of big data has become increasingly urgent. High-tech solutions are a prerequisite for future growth. We offer smart solutions for retailers, from the manufacturing process down to the point of sale. Our customers receive useful real-time information that is the foundation for informed business decisions to offer a holistic shopping experience to the customer.

Hiddo Hilboezen, Vice President Sales, Merchandise Availability Solutions, Checkpoint Systems

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Holistic RFID solutions

Checkpoint Systems is the only vertically integrated solution provider for retail. With consumer demands accelerating at an extraordinary rate driven by technology, Checkpoint delivers intelligent solutions – bringing clarity and efficiency into the retail environment anytime, anywhere.

Through a unique offering of software, hardware, labels, tags and connected cloud based solutions, Checkpoint optimizes retail operations and efficiencies with real-time intuitive data delivered throughout the supply chain and in-store resulting in improved profitability and an enriched consumer experience.

We provide end-to-end solutions enabling retailers to achieve accurate realtime inventory, accelerate the replenishment cycle, prevent out-ofstocks and reduce theft, thus improving merchandise availability and the shopper’s experience.

Checkpoint’s solutions are built upon 50 years of radio frequency technology expertise to brand, secure and track merchandise from source to shelf.

Market-leading RF and RFID for retailers

Core competences are market-leading RF and RFID solutions, source tagging, and comprehensive apparel labeling solutions – from source to shelf. Checkpoint’s customers benefit from increased sales and profits by implementing merchandise availability solutions, to ensure the right merchandise is available at the right place and time when consumers are ready to buy.

Checkpoint Announces First Inlays With New Impinj M700 Chips

The new inlays will be 18% smaller, more sensitive, made from 70% recycled content and will set a new standard in the retail industry! Checkpoint Systems – the world’s only vertically integrated RFID solution provider for retail – has announced the official launch of the first inlays with the new Impinj M700 tag chip family through its partnership with Impinj, a leading provider and pioneer of RAIN RFID solutions. Within an early access partner agreement, Checkpoint has been working closely with Impinj to design and validate inlays with the new ICs.

America Today upgrades to RFID labeling through CheckNet

With RFID, stock accuracy in our stores has increased from 65 % to 98 %! Fashion retailer America Today has expanded its relationship with Checkpoint Systems, by appointing the only vertically integrated RF/RFID solution provider as the preferred supplier of RFID labels and tags – part of its all-new RFID program.

Checkpoint launches new RF merchandise protection label

Super Flag Tag – the next generation in product protection Checkpoint Systems, a global leader in source-to-shopper solutions has announced the launch of its new dual-purpose RF merchandise protection label – the Super Flag Tag. The innovative, dual purpose, Super Flag Tag safeguards against theft and product tampering, enabling retailers and brands to protect a greater variety of products without obscuring messaging or impacting the planogram. There is no other label on the market that combines these benefits, enabling visible Source Tagging without obscuring legal wording or branding.

Checkpoint Systems’ S20 reinvents traditional EAS antenna

Unveiling the world’s most compact full performance, customizable, RF EAS antenna – the S20! Retailers are dramatically ramping up investment in store design to improve the overall consumer experience and with store designs leading to a potential sales increase of up to 40%, there is a justifiable return. With 50 years’ experience, Checkpoint Systems are collaborating with retailers and brands to align EAS antennae with these new store concepts. By reconfiguring the electronics used in EAS, Checkpoint has blown open design possibilities, meaning retailers no longer have to compromise on the EAS antenna at the entrance and the overall store design vision.

Checkpoint Systems Announces HALO IOT Platform

Most Intelligent Retail Solution for Today’s Connected Store Environment Today’s fast-paced retail requires stores to keep up with consumer demand for popular brands and specific fast-moving SKU’s. While many Internet of Things (IoT) platforms promote dashboards and inventory insights, Checkpoint’s HALO platform is uniquely differentiated by its intelligent, action-centric functions. It's all about action. Checkpoint’s global retail customers are profiting from 50 years of retail experience. HALO facilitates maximum efficiency in minimum time by expediting shipping and receiving processes at every step in the supply chain. “HALO auto-generates associate alerts throughout the supply chain and in-store, driving improved productivity in receiving, back stocking and restocking high-demand products to capture maximum sales conversions and highest profit margins,” said Phil Fisher, product manager, HALO.

Dominik Brosch
Dominik Brosch
Global Account Manager
Hirschhorn, Germany
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