RFID & Wireless IoT Global, Issue 06/2021
Dipl. Ing. Miroslav Jaksik, Managing Director, FlexiRay

Thinner than you think … FlexiRay Antennas and Portals with extraordinary design, slim profile and the best technical features. Flexibility is our strength. One FlexiRay antenna replaces two standard antennas, an expensive stand and provides a better radiation pattern.

Dipl. Ing. Miroslav Jaksik, Managing Director, FlexiRay


RFID Innovation & Integration

FLEXIRAY is a trademark of the company BARCO with 25 years of experience in the automatic identification industry (Barcodes, RFID).

Barco has its own department focused on the development and manufacture of UHF RFID antennas and portals with an ultra slim form factor and aesthetic design under the brand name – Flexiray. The products are manufactured in the Czech Republic and distributed worldwide. 

Our Success Story

We have been focused on RFID technology since 2005.

RFID antennas that are currently on the market have proven to be insufficient for the successful completion of some projects. Poor design of conventional RFID antennas along with the respective radiation characteristics are the bottleneck of many RFID installations. For this reason, we developed our own ultra thin RFID UHF antennas with modular length.

FlexiRay antennas are very convenient for use in certain types of projects. Interior installation, entrances or passages, narrow corridors, conveyor belts, smart cabinets are typical projects for FlexiRay antennas.

RFID UHF Antenna Development 

Barco has been focused on RFID integration since 2005. Our practical experience with conventional RFID antennas resulted in the development of unique RFID UHF antennas. The real RFID project experience has shown us a significant gap in the market concerning current RFID products in the field of RFID deployment in interiors, as well as in the installation of RFID reading zones on production lines and conveyor belts.

RFID antennas available on the market have proven to be insufficient for the successful completion of a majority of RFID UHF projects. On the contrary, choosing the right RFID antenna is a key step for any RFID installation. Our goal is to provide unique yet commercially available RFID antennas and readers to improve the effectiveness of RFID systems and to make RFID technology more accessible and easy to use.

Supplier Excellence


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Miroslav Jaksik
Miroslav Jaksik
Managing Director, FlexiRay
Buchlovice, Czech Republic
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Product Support
Buchlovice, Czech Republic
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Sales and Marketing Team
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