Peter Nilsson, CEO, herpa tech

Founded in 2015, with over 100 years of experience! herpa tech is driven by a motivated, innovative and highly experienced team with extensive experience in high-tech converting for the demanding market. We are entrepreneurs with the goal of being best in class! As a partner to our customers, we are pushing existing boundaries and setting new standards.

  • For us, special products are the norm.
  • We offer customized product solutions for the pharma, Medtech, RFID, industry, and the security market.
  • Our product portfolio comprises innovative special labels, including self- adhesive functional parts, medical patches for wearable sensors, RFID labels, printed electronics, and security solutions for product protection.

At herpa tech, quality is not just a department, but a mind-set built into everything we do. With us, quality does not start at the machine or the printing and die-cutting. Precise rules have been set to ensure a qualitative outcome from the very first handling of the inquiry. This mind-set accompanies the products throughout the process of engineering and manufacturing. Our responsibility doesn’t stop there. During the engineering stage, we make sure to interface with the customer, so that the product will be satisfactory throughout its lifespan.

Peter Nilsson, CEO, herpa tech

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Your partner for creative solutions

The definition of capability is the ability to do something. We can do a lot! From design to engineering to validated volume production. With highly advanced and technical machines, we have the right tools. However, machines alone won't get the job done. With more importance than machines, we offer you an experienced and passionate team.

Our aim is to provide our customers with high-tech printing and converting solutions that bring added value. We offer full services from design, product refinement, and prototyping to full-scale production and assembly of printed & self-adhesive components.

For RFID products, we are able to encode and verify the RFID performance, so that we can deliver products with certain specifications. The encoding can be paired with visual codes or numbers, or created from a given list; or each RFID product can be checked performance-wise, so that only products with the requested performance are delivered.

We can even perform a 100% stress test on each product. This guarantees that antennas, or often IC connections, are 100% controlled for all products delivered. Tags with irregular performance will then be removed and replaced, so there are 100% quality-verified tags on the reels.

A proud member of the herpa family

herpa tech is proud to be a member of the herpa family. herpa tech AB is a sister company to herpa print GmbH, a third-generation company with over 100 employees that was founded in 1949. herpa print specializes in producing labels with screen and digital printing. Together we are stronger. We have a comprehensive product portfolio for the market.

Wilfried Lentzsch
Wilfried Lentzsch
Sales Director
Much, Germany
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