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E-magazine RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 02/2022
Manfred Mueller, COO and General Manager, Identity, Identiv

Identiv has been creating award-winning IoT-enabled temperature-sensing and datalogging solutions for over five years. The team is expert in designing and manufacturing HF and UHF transponders for embedded use in billions of everyday objects. Identiv’s transponders are uniquely positioned to deliver RFID connectivity to and interact with virtually any object in the IoT.

Manfred Mueller, COO and General Manager, Identity, Identiv



Identiv is a global leader in digitally securing the physical world. Identiv's platform encompasses RFID and NFC, cybersecurity, and the full spectrum of physical access, video, and audio security.

What We Do?

Identiv's innovative RFID transponder team handles research, design, and manufacturing. Tags and inlays verify identities and security in the IoT and are embedded in billions of everyday objects, including medical devices, books, toys, athletic apparel, perishables, and pharmaceuticals.

Identiv's physical access control and video intelligence solutions provide the highest security at the lowest cost. Robust, feature-rich systems, hardware, and software verify frictionless access managed from anywhere.

Identiv's logical access control technology identifies and verifies users to safely and securely access data. Remote authentication and embedded application solutions protect data on-the-go, in the office, or at home.  

Identiv’s credentials, IDs, and smart cards verify the identity of employees, temporary workers, and visitors. The portfolio features form factors for physical or logical access control, converged access, transit payment, brand protection, time and attendance, cashless vending, and IoT applications. 


The Security Benefits of Unifying NFC and Blockchain

Blockchain and NFC bring trust and security to real-time processes by distributing large-scale computing efforts and eliminating single points of failure

Optimizing Vaccine Cold Chains and Logistics with RFID

How can Identiv’s RFID-based technology reduce vaccine waste? An article by: Dr. Manfred Mueller, Identiv GM Transponders.

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