Stéphanie Noël, CEO, Joaneo

Joaneo is a natural evolution for Victor Buck Services, leveraging 20-year printing experience to offer innovative printed electronics solutions for the ever-growing RFID market. Our clean-room production facility for state-of-the-art NFC and RFID inlays and antennas are set to fulfil our customers' needs for eco-friendly products, made in the heart of Europe.

Stéphanie Noël, CEO, Joaneo


Joaneo offers NFC and RFID antennas and inlays for smart IoT devices. Our antennas and electronics are mostly printed on recyclable substrates, using an eco-friendly production process. Our entire production process takes place in Luxembourg, from design to distribution. We can fulfill your needs for state-of-the-art printed electronics, with a local and sustainable approach.

Antennas and Inlays

We produce NFC and RFID antennas, functional inlay transponders and sensor-enabled electronic circuits for smart IoT devices. Our products are printed on many types of substrates, including recyclable paper-based substrates.

Tailored Design Services

Joaneo tags are developed with customers and partners to find a sustainable and effective solution that perfectly matches the targeted application, designed with ICs from leading global manufacturers, including NXP, STMicroelectronics and EM Microelectronic.

Flexible and Eco-friendly Production Capacity

Joaneo manufacturing of dry inlays include both, “Sheet to Sheet” and “Roll to Roll” capabilities. We offer rapid prototyping and a flexible pick & place solution. We are set to produce in different formats and variable quantities (sampling to mass production). Our eco-friendly industrial additive printing process uses no water, no vacuum, generating minimum waste.

We have been successfully working on multiple deployments, for many sectors including Pharma and Retail. We’d love to talk with you about your specific needs.

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