Hans-Jürgen Grämer, Founder & CEO, Kemas

KEMAS is the German market leader in the field of transfer automation based on RFID technology. The core competencies of KEMAS are process-driven self-service solutions covering all aspects of the transfer of material assets.

  • Market leading provider of complete solutions in the field of automated handover procedures since 1991
  • Safe and process-oriented management of material assets/resources
  • Production and implementation of RFID components to detect objects and persons

Over the years, the company has evolved to become a provider of automated, process-orientated transfer solutions. Whether keys, vehicles, equipment, documents, electronic equipment, textiles, IDs, weapons etc – all resources represent a value, enable access to subsequent resources, or must be used efficiently as part of the daily core business. KEMAS transfer solutions provide support in managing your daily tasks.

Hans-Jürgen Grämer, Founder & CEO, Kemas

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Leading provider in self-service solutions

Protecting corporate values and making them commercially viable has been our challenge for over 25 years. The focus is on intelligent networking of mechanics, electronics, RFID and application software in terms of “IoT” or “Industry 4.0”. Smart solutions uniquely associate identifiable physical objects (e.g., door keys, documents, work equipment, vehicle keys, tools, weapons, etc.) with control and administration software.

The securing and transfer of the objects takes place via intelligent depot systems and specialized systems. Individual authorization concepts as well as the entire range of personal and object identification technologies reliably protect against unauthorized access. KEMAS is ISO 9001:2008 certified and continues to develop and produce in-house at the company location in Oberlungwitz (Saxony).

The company has a national and international network of partners. More than 90 employees work daily in future-oriented projects of our well-known national and international clients from industry and public sector.

Self-service terminals for distribution, storage and protection of assets

KEMAS self-service terminals are the central point for the automated transfer, secure storage, temporary storage, issue and return of assets. In order to implement these functions, KEMAS offers two product lines of RFID-based terminals, the modular system and the depot system. Experience shows that KEMAS solutions are never stand-alone solutions, but are always part of the infrastructure already present at the customer.

Interfaces are used to exchange data, avoid media discontinuities and reduce duplication of data maintenance. The software is the centrepiece of KEMAS solutions. It forms the basis for the control and documentation of permissions and the mapping of processes.

Jürgen Rabe
Jürgen Rabe
Head of Product Management
Oberlungwitz, Germany
Patrizia Opitz
Patrizia Opitz
Communications Manager
Oberlungwitz, Germany
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