Joanne O'Doherty, Business Development, Kinsetsu

Kinsetsu provides intelligent tracking solutions to help organisations automate and optimise tasks and services.

Using sensor based technologies and digital connectivity we improve workflow, seamlessly, enabling the tracking of hundreds and thousands of assets in real-time and removing reliance on manual processes.

We track your equipment, people, fleet or inventory unobtrusively, reducing the time to complete tasks to seconds, simultaneously capturing and validating safety and compliance data and delivering timely alerts to drive organisational productivity.

Powerful digital mapping, geofencing and visualisation provides a digital footprint and real-time view enabling you to pinpoint specific assets locally, nationally and globally.

The company was founded with a specific focus on intelligent tracking and the leadership team takes an innovative approach to designing customer solutions, blending connectivity and technology layers to deliver transformational business outcomes. Passionate about innovation and emerging technologies, we help customers introduce sensor based technologies and automation to drive efficiencies, enhance staff utilisation and ensure compliance. We have successfully delivered diverse projects in healthcare, education, energy, government and commercial sectors.

Joanne O'Doherty, Business Development, Kinsetsu

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What We Do

IoT solutions help organisations transform by creating more efficient delivery models, reducing the costs associated with intensive manual processes. Gaining strategic benefit from IoT investment requires careful planning and analysis to avoid end-point solutions, data islands and non-enterprise ready technology.

The introduction of IoT creates new demands in areas such as security and interoperability and it’s important to choose the right partner. Kinsetsu brings knowledge, experience and a strategic approach; we create and enable IoT strategies, building a digital bridge between your critical assets and your business systems, automating and validating your processes to empower decision making and improve productivity.

Our Solutions

  • ktrack is an intelligent asset tracking solution that tracks hundreds and thousands of assets in real-time, removing the reliance on manual processes and paper-based records.
  • kcrew is an automated job readiness solution that checks that all equipment, tools or parts are available, replacing paper-based manual checking and reducing time to complete tasks to seconds.
  • ktrace is a powerful audit trail solution that enhances the intelligent tracking functionality of ktrack. ktrace provides historical traceability of all managed assets, locations, durations etc. for the last day, week, month, year, or across the lifetime of an asset.

Where We Work

Kinsetsu works in public sector and with commercial organisations, tracking equipment, people, inventory and fleet. We deliver solutions in Healthcare, Government, Education, Agriculture, Utilities, Manufacturing and the Commercial sector for customers located in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

We automate and optimise paper-based and manual tasks using sensors to capture data, reducing the time to complete daily tasks to seconds and enabling you to reclaim valuable time.

Joanne O'Doherty
Joanne O'Doherty
Business Development
Belfast, Northern Ireland
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