Giovanni Codegoni, Sales Manager, LAB ID

Founded in 2002 with headquarters in Bologna, Italy, LAB ID is a leading European manufacturer and supplier of RFID inlays and tags. The LAB ID product portfolio includes:

  • Standard portfolio of HF / UHF inlays, which also takes into account customer-specific requirements
  • Technical support for system design and selection of antenna
  • Innovative solutions for applications in the areas of fashion & luxury
  • Printing & Encoding Services
  • Innovative NFC solutions in the area of brand protection & counterfeiting security

LAB ID is rapidly growing in the RFID market and becoming a leader in product and solutions. We are proud to invest in manufacturing and research in Europe: this is helping us get closer to our customers and partners. LAB ID is thankful to all persons that have decided for our support and made our mutual success.

Giovanni Codegoni, Sales Manager, LAB ID

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Who we are

LAB ID, headquartered in Bologna, Italy, was founded in 2002 and is a leading European RFID tag manufacturer and solutions provider. In over 10 years LAB ID has enriched its product portfolio and developed innovative solutions based on the latest RFID trends in order to offer prompt and valid answers to the increasing demand for high-end RFID products.

Great emphasis has always been placed on the project, from the initial analysis to the implementation, guiding and assisting the customer through all phases to get the maximum advantage of the technology. The offer includes a vast range of RFID (NFC/UHF) tags as well as special services such as custom tag designs, based on specific requirements.

What we do

LAB ID is entirely focused on RFID Solutions, most of the time designed based on customer specifications. Core service may be summarized as follows: RFID (UHF & NFC) inlays and labels production and supply (European Facilities), custom product design and manufacturing, service bureau, SW/HW support, SW/HW integration support.

LAB ID offers evaluation and implementation of the total RFID design cycle. This includes and is not limited to:

  • HW (tag and reader), HW/SW support
  • Custom tag design
  • Logistic flow process evaluation and data management

This activity is performed by LAB ID directly in combination with IT departments of customers or by partner companies that enable the best final RFID solution.

LAB ID mission is innovation and continuous improvement.

  1. New device and technology introduction to enable better logistics /design specifications
  2. Custom tag design to fulfil final application specifications
  3. Enhanced Service Bureau: printing and encoding service based on customer datasource / production launches
  4. SW algorithms to enhance reading efficiency on tunnel and gate (Tunnel on fly) to use less shielding and higher speed logistic lines.

LAB ID presents new NFC tags based on NXP chip NTAG424 DNA

Secure authentication and connectivity without a specific app for the retail environment LAB ID presents a new product family of NFC tags based on the NXP chip NTAG424 DNA. Thanks to this new and now available technology, LAB ID takes a decisive step towards novel NFC implementations. "Secure authentication and connection to NFC tags without special apps, in both the Android and iOS worlds, are real possibilities. The first members of the new product family now introduced definitely mark a paradigm shift in IoT application," reports Giovanni Codegoni, Sales and Marketing Director, LAB ID.

Juergen Mangold
Juergen Mangold
Sales Representative
Kirchheim, Germany
Giovanni Codegoni
Giovanni Codegoni
Sales Manager
Castel Maggiore, Bologna, Italy
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