Torsten Schatta, Director Sales & Business Development, Linxens

Linxens is a leading technology company providing component-based solutions for security and identification. Linxens is a world-class specialist in the design and manufacture of Microconnectors for smartcards and RFID Antennas and Inlays.

With over 100 billion Microconnectors and 4 billion RFID Antennas supplied to date, Linxens is the preferred supplier of many of the world’s technology pioneers shaping the markets of telecom, transport, hospitality, leisure & entertainment, financial services, eGovernment, access control, healthcare and Internet of Things (IoT).

In a digital world where the future is all about connectivity, our technology ensures the best possible connections, where and when they are needed. Our expertise empowers people so that they can lead their life with technology in a seamless way.

Torsten Schatta, Director Sales & Business Development, Linxens

Supplier Excellence


Application Fields


Organic and inorganic growth

The company, as we know it today, has grown both organically and through strategic acquisitions, reinforcing Linxens’ position as a market leader and a trusted partner to our worldwide clients. Being at the helm of contact solutions, it was inevitable that Linxens soughts to enter the contactless secured connections market, and, in April 2017, Linxens acquired Smartrac’s SIT division.

Linxens now offers a complete range of RFID Antennas and Inlays as well as Microconnectors to clients. In 2018, Linxens was acquired by Tsinghua Unigroup, the company's main shareholder.

Customized services, on a global scale

Linxens provides its customers with a full range of design, fast prototyping and technical support services to meet their specific needs. From R&D centers in Europe and Asia, these customized solutions can be created from a variety of sources, from simple layouts to CAD and Gerber files.

Innovative laser technology then allows Linxens to create prototypes in less than 10 days, while etching technology reduces the costs of both tooling and any future design changes.

Torsten Schatta
Torsten Schatta
Director Sales & Business Development
Dresden, Germany
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