Lars Thuring, Strategic Development Manager, Logopak Systems

For 40 years, from their base in Hartenholm, Germany, Logopak has developed and produced integrated systems for labelling and coding technology from production to shipping. Logopak provides:

  • Labelling solutions
  • Real-time labelling Print & Apply
  • RFID and barcode systems
  • Industrial middleware
  • Worldwide sale of consumables and service

Since the company's founding in 1978, our USP is the manufacture of high-quality and long-lasting machines. This is how we have established a position as a leading manufacturer of integrating tagging systems and software for logistics and industrial printers, and provide intersection between production and logistics for our customers. Logopak Systems, as part of the Possehl Group, includes 300 staff members that offer on-site service for the customer.

Lars Thuring, Strategic Development Manager, Logopak Systems

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Product identification & labelling is our business

Logopak is a leading manufacturer of logistically integrated labelling systems, labelling software as well as barcode and industrial printers. In addition, Logopak offers the ideal consumables for direct and indirect labelling of a large variety of product and packaging types. The consumables are used for labelling product packaging for the point of sale (primary labelling), group packaging or containers (secondary labelling) as well as carriers, such as pallets (tertiary labelling).

Logopak’s vast product range also includes smart labels and tags for RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification). The company headquarters is located in Hartenholm near Hamburg, Germany, and was founded in 1978. It is represented worldwide through nine corporate locations. Logopak provides extensive experience for a wide range of applications.

Both standard machines and custom solutions are developed in-house and manufactured in Germany. The operator-friendly systems are easily installed and simple to maintain. Logopak is a member of the industry associations RAIN, AIM and GS1.

Our products - Easy to install – Easy to use – Easy to maintain

Radio Frequency Identification enables automatic identification of products in a variety of environments. Almost all Logopak systems are available with RAIN RFID technology. The high quality and robust modular design also allows for later conversion. With RFID Tag-On-Demand technology, the RFID-Tags can be applied as required independent of the barcode-labels, all under machine software control.

What are the advantages of RFID?

By not requiring a line-of-sight for identification purposes, RFID are

  • Less sensitive to damage, dirt and badly placed labels.
  • Easier and faster to read.
  • Possible to read through the packaging.
  • Eliminating the requirement to scan a specific location for barcodes.

How to get maximum performance from a print and apply labeller

Our print and apply machines have been developed and engineered in Germany since Logopak engineers first invented them in 1983. Indeed, it was Germany’s reputation for precision engineering that drew Logopak’s English founder there to seek out a location to base his manufacturing operation. Building a machine that can run quickly is relatively simple. Building a machine that is both quick AND reliable takes real skill, and this is where engineering prowess makes the difference.

Lars Thuring
Lars Thuring
Strategic Development Manager
Hartenholm, Germany
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