Dirk Melzer, Technical Director Sales, Melzer maschinenbau

We offer high quality products, support, and a steady availability of spare parts for the entire life cycle of the machine – regardless of how long the machines are in production. We aim to keep up the level of quality that makes our machines function for decades, even in demanding industrial conditions.

Dirk Melzer, Technical Director Sales, Melzer maschinenbau

MELZER Maschinenbau

Customers worldwide rely on Melzer's customized, high-quality production equipment that is made in Germany.

For more than 60 years, Melzer Maschinenbau has been successfully producing customized machines and production equipment, including processing systems for smart products such as smart labels, plastic cards, e-government solutions, and special products and labels, as well as ID cards, contactless cards, and RFID inlays.

Users benefit from patented machine technology, modular processing systems, and pre-selection for the optimization of production processes.

Custom-made Solutions

Serving customers for more than 60 years, Melzer is internationally well-known as the leading production equipment supplier for trendsetting ID documents, smart cards, DIF cards, RFID inlays and e-covers for passports.

Customized solutions in combination with the unique modular inline production processes ensure the highest productivity, flexibility and security at a maximum yield and the lowest per unit costs.

Numerous governmental institutions rely on innovative solutions created by Melzer. The Melzer product portfolio also includes advanced RFID converting equipment for the production of smart labels, smart tickets and luggage tags.

Innovative Production Equipment

Melzer supplies innovative, revolutionary, and modular production equipment worldwide for the following products:

  • Smart labels, smart tickets, smart tags, luggage tags, garment tags and more with HF, UHF and MW frequencies. The production includes patented transponder selection.
  • Cards for contactless applications
  • SIM cards, dual interface cards, bank and credit cards
  • ID-1 cards like identity cards, driver's licences, resident permit cards, and other identification documents
  • Passport holder pages
  • Inlays for cards, passport holder pages and passport covers

Supplier Excellence


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Dirk Melzer
Dirk Melzer
Technical Director Sales
Schwelm, Germany

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SC-X Converting Machine
Production Line for ID Documents
SL-600 Production Line
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