Takayuki Kaneko, General Manager / Head of Strategic Marketing, Product Marketing Unit

An IoT society is just around the corner in which a wide variety of objects are all connected via communication networks, enabled by IT solution services which are already a requirement in various fields. Murata will continue contributing to the realization of a prosperous and sustainable society through our global network and deep customer base, technological development capabilities, “Monozukuri” (manufacturing) capabilities, incorporating Murata’s competencies cultivated through extensive experience, and the organizational cooperation of Murata employees that unite these strengths.

Takayuki Kaneko, General Manager / Head of Strategic Marketing, Product Marketing Unit


Enhance Society Through Technology

Murata is well known for creating ingenious products and technologies to continuously meet the diversifying social needs of our times. As a leading innovator in electronics, we challenge ourselves daily to develop solutions that create a smarter future for everyone.

We provide IoT & RFID products and turnkey solutions to create value in a range of different industries. With consultancy expertise and a comprehensive product portfolio spanning both software and hardware, our innovations are deployed by leading corporations around the world. Covering an ever-growing list of use cases, we are perfectly placed to develop and provide an entire IoT and RFID system comprising:

  • Consultancy services (IoT adoption strategy, feasibility studies, ROI evaluation)
  • Software (id-Bride™ middleware and BI dashboard) 
  • RFID Tags (disposable Tags, embedded Tags, durable hard Tags)
  • RFID and IoT hardware (RFID devices, IoT sensors)
  • Connectivity modules for IoT solutions

Innovator in Electronics

Murata’s technologies, electronics components, modules and solutions are at the heart of the world’s most cutting-edge products, contributing to a safer, healthier and more efficiently connected world.

Since its foundation in 1944, Murata electronic components have supported the evolution of electronic devices through miniaturization and increased functionality (today approx. 1.000 capacitors are used in a smartphone and approx. 8.000 are used in a single car). Murata holds a large market share in a wide range of products, from mainstay capacitors to filters, inductors (coils), sensors, batteries, and other components, and modules. The market areas where its products are valued have expanded beyond its core markets, such as smartphones, computers, AV equipment, and home appliances, and are now experiencing increasing demand from other areas such as 5G wireless communications, mobility enabled automobiles, EV (Electric Vehicles), IoT and RFID.

By leading innovation in the electronics industry, Murata aims at developing innovative products, ideas and solutions that enhance society and contribute a better and more sustainable world.

Established in 1944, Murata is headquartered in Japan and has employees and manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

RFID Competence Centres

Murata’s RFID platform contributes to the realization of IoT, through the provision of hardware, software and communication interfaces. Murata’s scientific knowledge and manufacturing capabilities have enabled the company to develop one of the smallest and most robust RFID tags in the world. The unique RFID tag line-up includes industry-leading technology such as microscopic RFID tags (1.2 x 1.2 mm), embeddable tags and tags suitable for on-metal applications.

Murata ID Solutions is the European competence centre for complete RFID solutions. Founded as a spin-off Company of the University of Parma in 2005, the company joined Murata in 2017. The academic genesis combined with Murata’s manufacturing capabilities, sets Murata ID Solutions in the forefront of its field, enabling the company to offer turnkey solutions from the green field to fully operative RFID systems, designed to fulfil the use cases and overcome the challenges faced by its customers in various industries.  

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Granterre Relies on RFID in the Food Supply Chain

Italian agri-food group Granterre has deployed an RFID solution in cooperation with Murata ID Solutions.

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