Maarten Dolf Desertine, Manager New Business Development, NedCard

Tailored package solutions play a key role in a connected world

NedCard develops semiconductor package solutions and offers related assembly and test services for various devices used in smart card, RFID, IoT and other enabling technologies.

We build on broad experience and apply extensive technical capabilities to meet the industry’s highest requirements. Trustworthiness is what makes us unique; we provide maximum security and cost efficient manufacturing while meeting high quality standards.

We have over 20 years of experience in offering package solutions for Banking & Payment, Telecom, eGovernment & Identification and Emerging markets. Our competence is your advantage.

NedCard is specialized in tailored package solutions. Over time we developed from a contract manufacturer (1995) into an advanced package solution provider, specialized in packages for semiconductor devices used in smart card, RFID, sensor, M2M and other enabling technologies. We have proven our competence in the smart card area and we are broadening our scope to provide the needs of the future. We are expanding our position in RFID, sensor and other enabling technologies by being the trusted, innovative and sustainable partner. We provide services in applications where our competences make a difference. NedCard recently introduced MicroSON®-3 SMD package; a Small Outline No-leads (SON) package designed for industrial applications. MicroSON®-3 is robust, reliable, small and compatible with leading RFID chip solutions in the market.

Maarten Dolf Desertine, Manager New Business Development, NedCard

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Company description

NedCard is a specialized semiconductor assembly and testing company. Our package solutions are used in smart card, RFID, sensor, M2M and other enabling technologies. We are a global manufacturer with plants in Europe and Asia. We deliver new product market combinations via co-development programs with clients and suppliers.

In our facility in The Netherlands we design new products according the needs of our clients. We are able to produce ‘zero’ series and make the product perfect. As soon as our clients are ready to scale up their volume our facility in China is available to them. The focus is on high volumes and cost efficiency.

Our services

Co-development in every stage of your project

We have the know-how, experience, infrastructure and relationships with the best suppliers in the industry to help you making your product development project successful. We are willing to offer utmost flexibility to tailor our support to your needs in every stage of your project.

For example, if you need more than one component assembled in the product, a capacitor or a second chip for extra memory, we can help design the lead frame to suit the special configuration and to assemble the components into the module. Solutions can be stacking up components or placing them side by side.

Package design & prototyping

We offer stand-alone package design and prototyping services. As a deliverable a proposal will be made on module design, bill of material and recommended processing conditions. Our design & prototyping offer:

  • Translate the intended application requirements into a package
  • Make a proposal for materials from leading suppliers in the industry
  • Use our broad base of partners for manufacturing the products when required
  • Design the module in a cost-efficient way for smooth production of large volumes
  • Make small-volume prototypes
  • Test and evaluate prototypes
  • Recommend further steps for industrialization


We can support you with the ramp up of your fully designed package by proposing and implementing improvements for successful industrialization. For an already industrialized product we can be your manufacturing partner offering production locations in either Europe or Asia. Our support:

  • Make and execute a ramp-up plan
  • Improve product and process design for cost efficient, high output manufacturing
  • Production data analyses and reporting
  • Customized logistics systems
  • Production capacity allocation

Our RFID Solutions

NedCard has been a pioneer in the field of package solutions for RF Tags. We have successfully developed solutions for access control, electronic passports, wearables, laundry and garments. With MicroSON®‐3 we are entering into the field of industrial RFID applications under harsh conditions.

MicroSON®-3 is tailored to fit industrial application requirements and can be used in a variety of RFID solutions and markets. The ruggedized design enables reliable performance under harsh conditions and makes it the perfect package to integrate in your products and processes.

Maarten Dolf Desertine
Maarten Dolf Desertine
Manager New Business Development
Wijchen, Netherlands
Eric de Bruijn
Eric de Bruijn
Global Sales Director
Singapore, Singapore
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