Thomas Burke, President & Executive Director, OPC Foundation

The OPC Foundation is the world’s leading community for interoperability solutions based on OPC communication specifications that deliver universal connectivity.

  • International: OPC UA is Standard IEC62541 570+ Members Worldwide
  • Security: Integrated „by Design“ - Analyzed by the BSI
  • Scalable: Sensor to the IT cloud
  • Independent: Vendor, Operating System Industry and Language
  • Transport independent: TCP / HTTPS / UDP / AMQP / MQTT / Extensible

The mission of the OPC Foundation is to manage a global organization in which users, vendors and consortia collaborate to create data transfer standards for multi-vendor, multi-platform, secure and reliable interoperability in industrial automation.

Thomas Burke, President & Executive Director, OPC Foundation

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OPC Foundation

World’s leading community for interoperability solutions

The OPC Foundation is the world’s leading community for industrial interoperability solutions based on OPC communication specifications that deliver universal connectivity. The mission of this community of vendors, end-users, integrators, and educators is to advance the development, adoption, and certification of OPC products.

Education, awareness, and adoption of the OPC specifications

OPC is the interoperability standard for secure, reliable, and platform-independent information exchange. It provides open connectivity by defining an interface between clients and servers, as between servers and other servers, for different fields of applications.

With 577 member companies today, the OPC Foundation promotes education, awareness, and adoption of the OPC specifications through global compliance and collaboration programs. As the official source for the OPC Certification Program, the OPC Foundation helps ensure that OPC products plugand- play in real-world applications. For more information, visit

OPC Foundation appoints Stefan Hoppe as new President

Stefan Hoppe is elected President and Executive Director of the OPC Foundation The OPC Foundation welcomes Stefan Hoppe as its next President and Executive Director. Mr. Burke, the former President and Executive Director, nominated Mr. Hoppe as his successor before resigning during the last Board of Directors meeting. Mr. Hoppe was elected by the board in the same meeting. Mr. Burke will remain as an officer on the Board of Directors and will continue his widespread evangelism for OPC UA adoption across various domains. Stefan Hoppe took over the operational activities and responsibility for worldwide adaption of the OPC standards and the further development of the organization.

VDMA releases OPC UA Companion for Robotics and Machine Vision

In the smart factory of the future, machines must speak the same language. At their press conference held at automatica 2018, the OPC UA machine vision and robotics working groups released the first versions of their companion specifications. “Interoperability is the key for distinguishing our products in a connected world of Industrie 4.0. OPC UA is the designated standard to make machines talk the same language in the smart factory of the future. With the release of the companion specifications, we have reached a major milestone on this way”, Dr. Horst Heinol-Heikkinen, Chairman of the VDMA OPC Vision Initiative concluded. “The VDMA (Germany's association for the mechanical engineering industry) recognized the potential of OPC UA at an early stage and promoted the standardization of data and interfaces of devices and machines in its sectors in an exemplary and consistent manner with its members”, Stefan Hoppe, Global Vice President of the OPC Foundation, added.

Kaspersky Labs Report Review Confirms OPC UA Security Strength

Review of Kaspersky Labs Report Confirms OPC Foundation’s Transparent, Open Source OPC UA Implementations Strategy Improves Security The Kaspersky Labs report issued on May 10th, 2018 has garnered a lot of media attention based on its claim of having identified 17 security issues in some OPC UA implementations. A detailed description of the 17 issues can be found at The OPC Foundation has and continues to be committed to ensuring the OPC UA standard provides the highest levels of security and as such has reviewed the claims made in the Kaspersky report.

MTConnect and OPC to Update MTConnect OPC UA Companion Specification

MTConnect Institute and OPC Foundation to Update and Revise MTConnect OPC UA Companion Specification The MTConnect Institute and the OPC Foundation have formed a Joint Working Group (JWG) to update and revise the MTConnect-OPC UA (Unified Architecture) Companion specification. “The existing MTConnect-OPC UA companion specification established a uniform information model for integrating the two standards,” said Tim Shinbara, Secretary of the MTConnect Institute and Vice President of Technology at AMT–The Association For Manufacturing Technology. “Both standards have been enthusiastically embraced in the industry, and a shared philosophy of interoperable standards is more important now than ever.”

Stefan Hoppe
Stefan Hoppe
Verl, Germany
Thomas J. Burke
Thomas J. Burke
Strategic Marketing Officer
Ravenna, Ohio, USA
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