Carl Chen, Product manager, OPP IOT Technologies
OPP IOT Technologies

UHF Metal Specific Tag Solutions by OPP IOT

OPP IOT Technologies is one of the trusted leaders in products, services and solutions related to asset tracking, attendance taking, environment monitoring, access control and warehouse management, product fields covering UHF tags, UHF metal tags and specific UHF tags.

OPPIOT has been dedicated to the industrial IOT revolution since 2013. Now it is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of IOT hardware and industrial RFID tags. We offer solutions for every industry, especially for :

  • Railway industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Oil&Gas industry

OPP IOT provides cost effective industrial-based asset tracking and material flaw management solution.R&D is our business core competence,we customized design solutions for a large number of big applications.Our international experience coupled with our vision has led us to be one of the most trusted RFID providers in the world...Need solutions to revolutionize productivity, we are your right partner!

Carl Chen, Product manager, OPP IOT Technologies

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OPP IOT Technologies

Industrial Automation Solution Provider

OPP IOT is a high-new technical enterprise dedicated into RFID industry development. We keep developing and innovating in RFID field, especially the remarkable achievement: Our UHF special tags.

OPP IOT concentrates on the design, developing, and manufacturing of UHF special tags. UHF special tags are used for hard working environments, thus tags should be well-targeted for the certain applications, which request strict standard on the design, performance and reliability. It is great that OPP IOT could make the tags per clients’ requests by a leading professional technician team, who are skilled in antenna design.

OPPIOT provides cost effective industrial-based asset tracking and material flaw management solutions. Passive RFID industrial tags provided by OPPIOT are high performance, highly durable in the presence of metal, corrosion, and high temperatures.

  • RFID on-metal High temperature tag applied to track mobile/car manufacture flaw, the tags overcome the necessary high temperature with accurate performance.
  • Ultra long reading distance on-metal tags applied on container yard tracking, the high performance 25m reading distance improves the inventory flaw.
  • MINI on-metal tags for laptop tracking solutions
  • RFID on-metal tags for tool tracking verified perfectly in local government projects.

Our service and quality assurance

  • We have a professional engineering team to design UHF antenna, thus we can provide customers with professional UHF antenna solutions. That means the most suitable antenna solutions can be designed and provided by our experienced engineers to match all the mainstream chips around the world.
  • We use professional testing equipment for the control of reliability and consistency of our RFID tags, each one of our RFID tags should pass the test of reliability and performance consistency before delivery.

What You Need to Know When Using RFID Tags in High Temperatures

High temperature RFID Tags OPP4215. When one talks about high temperature RFID tags, it generally means temperatures above 150 °C to over 200 °C or higher. There are 3 important factors that you should know when using RFID in these temperature conditions.

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