Emmanuel Arène, Co-founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Primo1D

From managers, engineers, technicians to business developers, we all deeply commit to meet the expectations of our partners, the needs of customers and contribute ideas that push us forward as a company.

Emmanuel Arène, Co-founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Primo1D


Founded in 2013 with its operations based in Grenoble, Primo1D is a pioneer in electronics integrated into objects and materials. Its unique E-Thread™ RFID technology is a plastic-free microelectronic “packaging” technology that provides an unparalleled solution for traceability and authentication of products throughout their life cycle, thus responding to the challenge of digitization, the growing needs related to Industry 4.0, as well as the circular economy topics.

Primo1D aims to be the leader in embedded electronics for the textile industry and in connected objects for industrial objects.

Our Vision

We aim at connecting everyday objects to the IoT and making circularity happen.

Primo1D offers a major technological breakthrough to companies that are challenged by a sharp rise of digitalisation and are compelled to rethink their business model. Our goal is to create value for the value chain stakeholders and whole ecosystem.

Our Offer

We design, manufacture and market a range of passive RAIN RFID (UHF) tags, based on customer specification..

Our passive device is a segment of textile yarn, in the middle of which an electronic RAIN RFID chip is integrated. The length of the device varies between 6 and 14 cm (0.4 to 5.5 inches), depending on the application. RFID yarn can be delivered in segments or on bobbins. This passive device can be packaged in different ways (textile strip, polymer tubes) to ease its integration into materials and processes.


How Does Embedded RAIN RFID Enhance the Product Journey?

Webcast by Emmanuel Arene: How Does Embedded RAIN RFID Enhance the Product Journey?

E-Thread Technology: Each Product is Given Its Native Digital ID

Turning garments into smart textiles. Every product is given its own ID.

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Isadora Romand
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