RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 04-2022
Torsten Strauch, Senior Vice President, r-pac International Corporation, Europe

We commit ourselves to success of our customers by providing the highest levels of product quality, customer service, global consistency, competitive costs and management accountability to all participants in the supply chain.

Torsten Strauch, Senior Vice President, r-pac International Corporation, Europe

r-pac International

r-pac International serves as a leading global organization dedicated to supplying brand concepts, graphics, products and solutions to all partners in the retail supply chain. Our experienced service and production teams work with clients to provide award-winning brand solutions from concept to execution.

  • Global Locations: 30+
  • Corporate Headquarters in New York City
  • Employees Worldwide: 4,500+
  • Current Turnover Volume: 400+ Million USD
  • Years in Business: 30+

The Global Destination for Brand Integrity, Creation and Connectivity

RFID solutions require high-performing labels and inlays. r-pac is specialized in RAIN RFID, NFC and TWIN products that seamlessly integrate into your current manufacturing, distribution and retail processes.

r-pac enables the future of SMART merchandise by making them INTELLIGENT and CONNECTED via optical or sensor technologies. Trims and packages managed by r-pac will seamlessly connect, communicate and engage with enterprise or private networks.

We help our clients build brand integrity by connecting merchandise through best-in-class sensor technologies and platforms, benchmark operations and the highest ethical business practices. Today, we product in over 25 countries, and at the same time, we continue to invest.

Building Brands by Going Green

r-pac's sustainable packaging solutions deliver significant benefits not only to the environment, but also areas of business. These solutions can impact areas of business where strategic decisions affect the bottom line and customer satisfaction.

The key to success in sustainable initiatives involve a sharp focus on a product's lifecycle and the impact of each decision on all areas of your business. r-pac's commitment to remain at the forefront of packaging innovation extends beyond the factory floor. We work with clients to deliver compelling solutions that protect the environment and promote a sustainable future.


Twintag Technology: Managing the Product Life Cycle

Connecting the Supply Chain and Engaging End Customers with RAIN RFID and NFC on one chip!

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Torsten Strauch
Torsten Strauch
Senior Vice President
Windhof, Luxembourg
Kai Hauck
Kai Hauck
Regional Sales Director
Windhof, Luxembourg

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