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RFCAMP LTD. is a leading RFID passive tag maker in South Korea. Since its establishment in 2004, RFCAMP has specialized in rugged HF& UHF RFID tag development and has supplied +40 million specialty tags to +20 countries. With 100% revenue only from RFID tag business, Jerry Ryu, founder, CEO & President, has been leading RFCAMP with stable ownership and positive operating profits for recent 10 years with almost zero debt ratio.

Annually, RFCAMP is engaged in more than 200 RFID projects all over the world. Each project – or each customer – needs tags that are best fit for their environment. And RFCAMP ensures that the exact tags needed are developed, produced and provided.

Our Core Competencies

RFCAMP’s strengths lie in three factors as detailed in below:

Consistent quality – Looking similar to other PCB based RFID tags, however, RFCAMP’s tags have different and unique manufacturing process in chip bonding, chip encapsulating and PCB laminating with world best quality materials. As such, RFCAMP maintain same materials and process since year 2004, which results in unparalleled accuracy and performance consistency in long term horizon. It’s made in South Korea with highest developed PCB technology.

On time delivery – RFCAMP keeps enough stocks for all of 30 kinds tags on shelf, and for most orders of thousands quantity, we ship them out within 24 hours after receipt of orders, which most of our clients point out as one of competitive edges.

Solid sales partnership – RFCAMP has built solid sales partnership with our resellers in +20 countries for more than 10 years. Our sales partners has +10 years’ knowledge and experience with our tags, which minimizes any complaints or technical issues from real application environments of tags.

Focussing on Different Applications

RFCAMP’s main focused applications are:

Work in process – For factory automation and internal manufacturing loop in various industries, RFCAMP provides rugged and high temperature tags with accurate and reliable read performance in long term horizon.

Container level logistics – For pallet and containers made of various, RFCAMP provides tags with same read performance on both metal and non-metal surface.

Harsh environments – With unique and unparalleled chip bonding, chip capsulation and PCB lamination processes, RFCAMP provides reliable and durable solution for harsh environment in temperature, mechanical and chemical stresses.

Asset management – With + 30 kinds various sized tags for metal and non-metal assets, RFCAMP provides tag solutions for various asset management.

Transportation – RFCAMP has been supplying tags to airplanes, automotive, railways and ocean shipping companies for 17 years, and know exactly what transportation industry wants for RFID tags.

Construction – With durable tags against harsh environment, RFCAMP has been recently focusing on construction industry whose tag requirements are complicated and extremely strict. In recent years, RFCAMP has supplied 10 million tags for construction market in Europe.

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Jerry Ryu
Jerry Ryu
CEO & President
Gyonggi, Republic of Korea

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