Prof. Erwin Biebl, Technical University of Munich

The „RFID-Anwenderzentrum München“ is an interdisciplinary network, aiming at a holistic approach to RFID systems, innovative concepts and their practical realization.

  • Method-driven solution engineering and systematic proof of concept of UHF applications
  • Comprehensive standardized and individual test procedures for UHF technology
  • Process design for RFID applications
  • Optimization of process planning and development of innovative RFID solutions

We offer a scientific foundation for elaborate, long-term research projects. We do not see ourself as a contractor for comissioned work, but as a scientific partner. We offer competent and professional support in the application process for third-party funding, bring together technology verndors and system integrators, and help realise all steps of a project from idea to completion.

Prof. Erwin Biebl, Technical University of Munich

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A holistic approach to real-world RFID challenges

The RFID Application Center Munich is an interdisciplinary network, aiming at a holistic approach to RFID systems, innovative concepts and their practical realization. It unites research institutions at the Technical University of Munich, RFID technology suppliers, RFID system integrators, and companies employing RFID. This comprehensive network allows us to get a holistic view at RFID problems.

Our scientific members are focusing on high frequency technology, information technology, logistics, and production. By combining their scientific expertise the RFID Application Center becomes a truly interdisciplinary network. We enable our partners to follow current trends in the fields of RFID technology or to jointly develop innovative RFID solutions. Our efforts are driven by real-world challenges which need an integrated RFID-based solution.

RFID technology transfer and consultancy

The RFID Application Center offers two main services: technology transfer and consultancy. Our studies on the development and implementation of RFID applications offer a broad overview on RFID performance in industry – as well as identifying important spheres of activity. RFID trainings combining theoretical and practical contents are another way of knowledge transfer offered by the RFID Application Center.

The RFID Application Center also advises members about RFID questions. The RFID Application Center analyzes and examines supply and production chains in order to identify potential RFID applications. Feasibility studies are the main subject of the RFID Application Center, based on a method driven procedure driven by automated testing equipment and an extensive demonstration area simulating a manufacturing and logistics environment. The RFID Application Center and its members accompany RFID pilots and following implementation.

Philipp Eschlwech
Philipp Eschlwech
Project Manager
München, Germany
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