Armin Rinas, Managing Director, Rinas Gerätetechnik

For over 30 years, Rinas has been supplying precision engineered OEM and stand-alone card encoding and analysis solutions to major mechanical engineering and card personalization manufacturers worldwide.

  • Production equipment for RFID, magnet and Smart Cards
  • Individual or continuous ticket encoding
  • Card handling (separating, printing, scanning, sorting, stacking)
  • Bespoke machinery / customer-specific engineering
  • Electronic component and software development

High-precision "Made in Germany" hardware components are combined with a proprietary modular software suite that allows machine control according to exact customer requirements.

Armin Rinas, Managing Director, Rinas Gerätetechnik

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Rinas Gerätetechnik

We don‘t just make devices. We set standards!

Making top-quality devices and machines is one thing. Developing technologies is another, and that is exactly what has always driven us: the continuous search for new and optimum solutions to suit the requirements of our customers. It comes as no surprise then, that our team in D-88634 Aftholderberg, Germany is always coming up with innovations that set standards.

Whether wishing to integrate a drop-in (OEM) encoding system in an already existing manufacturing line or deciding to purchase a stand-alone solution, capable of handling all aspects of the personalization process, Rinas can assist with the all-important yet often challenging decision-making task.

The Rinas legacy has always been at the heart of the personalization environment – where the encoding takes place – and, because of its success and hard-earned reputation in this field, Rinas has moved forward, breaking away from being ‘ just’ a component supplier, and developed its own range of peripheral equipment to complement its encoder family and create a personal environment that is not only environmentally friendly but also extremely compact.

Even the multitude of bespoke solutions working hard around the globe preparing public transport tickets, processing bank books, creating loyalty cards or verifying security certificates all feature the same common, reoccurring elements: thoroughness of design, precision engineering and longevity.

Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Rinas Gerätetechnik

It’s curtains up for the visual company tour The 35th anniversary of Rinas Gerätetechnik is the ideal occasion for the company to give an insight into the complete production. Managing Director Armin Rinas describes the film, in his own words, with enthusiasm: “We have a lot to show: The film demonstrates our sophisticated engineering. For this reason, we have happily opened the doors to all of our production areas to the film team.” Rinas is a pioneer in magnetic stripe technology: Since 1984, Rinas has been a leading innovator and driving influence behind sophisticated magnetic stripe technologies within the card manufacturing and system integration marketplaces. Rinas maintains a clear and highly-focused corporate engineering strategy that concentrates on developing and manufacturing high-precision OEM and stand-alone card encoding systems for magnetic, RFID and chip cards.

Retrospect: Rinas at TRUSTECH 2018

Rinas Gerätetechnik presents its portfolio at TRUSTECH 2018 in Cannes Rinas Gerätetechnik, one of the world's leading companies for magnetic and chip card technology, presented its complete innovation portfolio at the end of November at TRUSTECH 2018 in Cannes. "TRUSTECH offers us the opportunity to present our company and our technologies to a global audience," explains Armin Rinas, Managing Director of Rinas Gerätetechnik. Mr. Rinas was particularly satisfied with the high proportion of trade visitors. "Thanks to the interested trade visitors, it was possible for us to make many business-relevant contacts. These form an ideal basis for long-term partnerships".

Armin Rinas
Armin Rinas
Managing Director
Aftholderberg, Germany
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