Thomas Mack, President & CEO, ruhlamat

ruhlamat is an innovative engineering and machine building company with its headquarter located in Germany. The company's activities are focused on machine solutions.

  • Machine solutions for the production of electronic passports, chip modules, contact & contactless cards and dual interface cards
  • RFID inlay production
  • Machine solutions for various wire embedded solutions
  • Customized machine system solutions
  • Traditional special machinery

Different needs require different solutions. As an family-owned company we think and act long-term. Extensive research and development, plus many years of experience in the ID business, enabling us to bring new innovations to the market. We offer our customers future-oriented, reliable systems that are tailored precisely to their needs.

Thomas Mack, President & CEO, ruhlamat

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An innovative engineering and machine building company

ruhlamat is an innovative engineering and machine building company with its headquarters located in Germany. Activities are focused on smart card and passport systems, e.g. chip module production, card production and personalization, Inlay/ RFID production and special machinery as well as assembly systems.

ruhlamat branches and representations throughout the world create an ideal basis for a professional and global service network.

Tailor-made solutions

In the field of Inlay/RFID production ruhlamat provides its customers with tailor-made solutions for product development, medium or high volume production of RFID inlays for ePassports, contactless or Dual Interface cards.

All concepts allow a combination of automatic punching of modules, module placement, wire embedding and electrical connection of module and antenna. ruhlamat offers production systems for e-Passports, contactless & Dual Interface Cards (DIF), inlay/RFID production systems, and machine solutions for various wire embedding applications.

Produce high-quality RFID inlays quickly and economically

We have comprehensive experience in ultrasonic wire embedding for different industries and applications since 1997. The wire embedding technology for antenna production is superior to all other production technologies in terms of quality, durability, and economy.

Antenna embedding is possible on various materials and offers constant electrical properties and mechanical strength at the highest level.

Wire embedded antennas produced on ruhlamat machines are extremely cheap and yet provide the best product characteristics compared to etched or plated antennas. Our excellent sonotrode know-how for various substrate / wire combinations ensures highest precision at wire embedding.

Optimised sonotrode geometries and materials guarantee best performing products with proven reliability even in the most demanding applications.

Nicole Heller
Nicole Heller
Manager Marketing & PR
Marksuhl, Germany
Wilfried Schaub
Wilfried Schaub
Sales Manager Card & Passport Systems
Marksuhl, Germany
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