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E-magazine RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 02/2022
Laurent Lassus, Head of Europe - Managing Director, SATO Europe

SATO gives every "thing" its own ID so it connects with the world. As businesses today search for how big data can benefit them, at SATO, we focus on the more immediate question: "How can we make that 'thing' big data?". In a world where most things have yet to be digitized, our auto-identification solutions provide the answer. We tag ID's to anything - and everything - to track items and help businesses run smoothly, without stopping. A connected world of productivity, safety, reassurance and sustainability starts with somebody physically seeing the real situation on site and handcrafting answers that work. That's what we do. And we start where you are. Because we are Powered On Site.

Laurent Lassus, Head of Europe - Managing Director, SATO Europe

SATO Europe

Powered On Site

SATO is a global auto-ID solutions provider for leading companies in manufacturing, logistics, retail, food & beverage and healthcare. SATO's tagging solutions start where you are, on the front lines of your business operations. We derive the best solution for each unique site. An industry pioneer with a focus grounded on site, SATO engineers hardware and integrates solutions to streamline entire supply chains with visibility extending to the consumer.

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A Leading Global Provider of Auto-ID solutions

SATO Europe is a premier manufacturer of high performance thermal printers, print engines and RFID embedded tags and labels. Pioneers to the industry by introducing the first handheld labellers in 1962 and the world's first thermal transfer printer in 1974.

SATO is dedicated to enabling our customers with the power of IoT through engineered solutions that support their need for accuracy, sustainability, labor and resource saving systems.

We can develop solutions for any stage of the supply chain in a given industry and we collaborate with third parties to deliver the ideal mix of technologies to exceed your expectations and improve your operations.

SATO - Your Trusted Business Partner for a Connected Future

  • Intelligent integrated solutions for smarter business performance
  • Focused on customer-centric continuous improvement and innovation
  • Hardware, software and consumables all available from one source
  • Easy access to technical service and support wherever you are
  • Trusted partner collaboration for customer centric solutions

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