Frank Linti, Business Development Manager RFID, Schreiner LogiData

Schreiner LogiData, the RFID competence center of Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG, develops and produces innovative RFID label solutions and systems.

  • Development, concept design and production of customized RFID label solutions in the HF (13.56 MHz) and UHF (860 to 960 MHz) ranges
  • Customized versions also available for harsh industrial environments
  • RFID system consultancy and support

Digital data-controlled processes, a completely networked production and fully automated manufacturing operations are the major elements of Industry 4.0. Components, assemblies and containers equipped with RFID labels provide every item with its own identity, enable autonomous in-process control and end-to-end data acquisition across the entire supply chain.

Frank Linti, Business Development Manager RFID, Schreiner LogiData

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Innovative RFID Solutions Tailored for Adverse Environments

Schreiner LogiData, the RFID competence center of Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG, develops and produces innovative RFID label solutions and systems. The portfolio ranges from user-oriented technology consultancy and the selection of suitable hardware and software components, all the way to the manufacture of functional transponder labels.

All of Schreiner LogiData’s product developments and solutions are tailored to a customers’ specific needs. This results in tailored solutions in terms of size, printing, durability, adhesion performance, chip technology or technical functionality.

15 years of experience in the field of RFID HF and UHF solutions has led to a large number of customer solutions, to which some 10 million other RFID labels are added year after year. Due to our certifications according to ISO TS 16949 and MasterCard standards, we ensure top quality, non-disclosure and security for your data and products.

Specialized RFID Labels for Industrial Applications

Schreiner LogiData provides for a broad spectrum of demanding RFID label applications. High performance and superior reliability even in difficult environments are the guidelines to what Schreiner LogiData’s system offers.

  • Customized development and production of RFID labels on rolls based on all RFID chips conventionally used in the marketplace, as well as customized antennas and inlay combinations
  • Process monitoring, analysis and product development based on customer requirements and a neutral approach to technology
  • User-specific RFID label development, tests and standards-based testing in in-house laboratory
  • Solutions specifically tailored to the respective application combining the RFID label, RFID printer and RFID dispensing system
  • Labels tailored to challenging substrates such as metal, ESD, carbon fiber, glass or harsh ambient conditions such as heat or cold
  • RFID products customized in terms of storage volume and security functions such as encryption and authentication

Employees Use their Own Innovation

High-Tech label for the RFID parking garages of Schreiner Group! As a modern high-tech company Schreiner Group has been successfully selling smart solutions for automatic vehicle identification for many years. The leading provider of smart parking labels has now installed cutting-edge RFID technology in the two parking garages of its headquarters in the north of Munich.

Optimal Equipment Tracking with RFID

Technical equipment, pumps, generators or servers: Most systems in large companies require regular worldwide tracking and checking. Schreiner LogiData provides comprehensive consulting support to customers in this area. In addition to serving asset management purposes, checks are necessary to ensure the safe operation of equipment and to optimally schedule services and inspection/test intervals. In some cases, the documentation of operating times and test/inspection intervals is also required by law because especially in the area of external maintenance, service providers are frequently contracted to perform these checks. Article written by Schreiner LogiData

Safe Supply Chain in Hospitals with RFID

Safe and efficient medicine management! Whether in warehouse management or during the preparation of medicine trays: The fast-paced activities in daily hospital settings require efficient, error-free medicine management. RFID labels provide a viable solution for this purpose. However, on syringes or vials containing liquid medications, reading of UHF RFID labels positioned close to the liquid is impaired. That is why flag labels protruding from the container are frequently used. In many cases, they can be reliably read but usually have to be applied to the container manually at the hospital, which is very time-consuming. The new RFID label solutions from Schreiner MediPharm solve this problem: They are suitable for fully automatic processing and minimize the negative effect of liquids.

Schreiner showcases RFID Solutions for Street Parking

Schreiner PrinTrust at EPA Congress 2019 At the 2019 EPA Congress and Exhibition in Málaga (Spain), Schreiner PrinTrust as a leading provider of RFID solutions for smart parking will showcase its latest portfolio of solutions for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI): RFID windshield solutions for on-street parking, off-street parking and Third License Plates for official vehicle identification. Contactless entering and exiting, automatic billing of charges and app-based supporting services—this is what the future of parking looks like.

Nameplate with Venting Function from Schreiner ProTech

Marking and Venting Combined Smart sensors have become indispensable to modern industrial transportation systems: RFID devices ensure a seamless identification solution in line with Industry 4.0 throughout the entire value creation process. Complete transparency and planning certainty will play an increasingly important role for companies in the future. SICK produces sensors that have to resist challenging target applications with numerous environmental influences such as major temperature fluctuations and the effects of moisture. For efficient venting and marking of such housings, Schreiner has developed a nameplate that is combined with a pressure compensation seal (PCS).

Frank Linti
Frank Linti
Business Development Manager RFID
Oberschleissheim, Germany
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