David Beit-On, Head of Sales & Business Development - Europe & Asia

Tadbik offers varied specialized solutions that bring together cutting-edge innovation, decades of proven expertise, as well as attentiveness to the various global trends that shape the industry.

David Beit-On, Head of Sales & Business Development - Europe & Asia

Tadbik Advanced Technologies

Tadbik is a world leader of advanced Flexible Packaging, Labels, RFID and in pack promotion. For over thirty years Tadbik worked closely with global clients to pioneer the industry’s innovations.

The company offers:

  • State-of-the-art production facilities and highly skilled in-house design and engineering teams
  • A transformation of great new concepts into highly attractive products
  • Technologies pushed to the next level, in order to constantly develop new applications to help clients brand and sell their products in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Globally-active in many industries

Operating on four continents, with a reputation for on-time, in-budget delivery of consistently superior products backed by personalized customer service, Tabdik is the partner of choice for global brands in the Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Retail and many other industries.

Solutions and applications include

  • RFID Industrial & Logistic Solutions
  • RFID & NFC Wristbands
  • RFID Race Timing Solutions
  • RFID Animal Identification
  • NFC Solutions

Take your operation to the next level with RFID and NFC

Today many industries are realizing the real added value that RFID has to offer. With major developments in recent years that enable more reliable, cost-effective solutions, RFID technology is strategically positioned to tap into many new segments. From inventory management of pallets and boxes to streamline operation, with apparel tagging and smart tickets and cards, and from counterfeits prevention applications, to using it as a marketing vehicle in telecommunication – RFID products are now all around and are here to stay.

As a leading printing and packaging company, Tadbik takes advantage of years of experience and printing techniques, combined with highly skilled personnel. Utilizing our strong R&D background and onsite laboratories and test equipments Tadbik offers various RFID and NFC solutions to our customers, leveraging the synergy with the company’s other business units. With a constantly growing product portfolio, we cater to the diverse needs of many industries.


Connecting Trillions of Everyday Items to the IoT

Tadbik and Wiliot aim to connect trillions of everyday items to the IoT.

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David Beit-On
David Beit-On
Head of Sales & Business Development - Europe & Asia
Lappersdorf, Germany

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