RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 04-2022
Steve Statler, SVP Marketing, Wiliot

People, Planet and Profit - It’s an opportunity of a lifetime to make a bit of industry history by scaling IoT to trillions, bootstrapping new businesses and in the process fighting climate change in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Steve Statler, SVP Marketing, Wiliot


Our mission: The safety, efficiency & sustainability for trillions of everyday things

Wiliot Cloud and IoT Pixels have the brains and self-awareness to tell you where your products are, who’s using them, the temperature around them, when they need replenishing, and many more insights.

From computer chips to chocolate chips, from drugs to denim, there is virtually no product that can’t benefit from our item-level awareness.

Wiliot is transforming the way products are made, distributed, sold, used, reused, and ultimately, recycled by enabling a new level of visibility of products in the wholesale channel, cutting the capital tied up in inventories and environmental footprint, while driving up sales by having real-time insights into their products wherever they are used. We invite you to help make sense of the world with Wiliot.

Who Are We?

Our company was founded by the leadership of the millimeter-wave pioneer Wilocity, a group of wireless engineers experienced in building new products and the ecosystems required for their success. Wiliot’s headquarters and research & development team is based in Israel, business development in California and Germany, with offices in Ukraine, Australia, and Taiwan.

What We Do?

From vaccines to food, trillions of products make their way to us continuously with no way to observe, track, or monitor anything about them.

Where are they now? Are they being transported at the right temperatures? Are they authentic? Did they make it to the correct shelf? Are they being used?

This darkness is the biggest drain on capital in the global economy. And it’s an enormous contributor to climate change, as our opaque supply chain results in 40% of all food never making it to the table. This represents 8% of greenhouse gas emissions, twice that of the airline industry.

Now Wiliot shines a light on the questions that businesses and consumers have been unable to address, and the planet needs answered. Imagine if all your products could speak. Now you can hear them.



Healthcare & The Internet of Trillions of Things (IoT2)

Webcast by Steve Statler: The Internet of Trillions of Things (IoT2) & The Impact on Healthcare

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