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Solutions: Industrial IoT + Logistics + Retail + Healthcare + Security + Smart City + Maintenance
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Solutions: Automotive + Industrial IoT + Logistics + Retail + Healthcare + Consumer IoT + Agriculture + Asset Management + Container Management
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Solutions: Logistics + Retail + Healthcare + Security
Products: Read/Write Devices + Components
Solutions: Industrial IoT + Logistics + Healthcare + Security + Smart City + Maintenance
Products: Tags + Printers & Machinery + Software + Consultancy
Solutions: Logistics + Security + Smart City
Products: Read/Write Devices + Tags + Sensors + Software + Distribution + Consultancy + System Integration
Solutions: Industrial IoT + Logistics + Retail + Maintenance
Products: Read/Write Devices + Components + Software + Distribution + Consultancy + System Integration
Solutions: Industrial IoT + Logistics + Retail + Healthcare + Maintenance
Products: Tags + Sensors + RTLS + Software
Solutions: Logistics + Retail + Healthcare + Asset Management
Products: Read/Write Devices + Tags + RTLS + Components + Printers & Machinery + Software + Consultancy
Solutions: Industrial IoT + Logistics + Retail + Healthcare + Maintenance
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Supplier Search for Wireless IoT Technologies

Target-Oriented: Let the Supplier Search Guide You!

This platform was conceived from the necessity of providing all relevant information on wireless IoT technologies in one place. With our many years of experience in this field, we rose to the occasion and gathered numerous renowned suppliers that bring expert knowledge in wireless technology to the table.

Our Supplier Search is designed to make finding the right offer for your needs as easy as it can be. It has been designed with easy usability in mind. Hover your cursor over a wireless technology, application field, or area of expertise and it will show you more detailed information. If you wish to clear your search, simply de-select the respective category or categories.

Find the Right Technology for Your Project!

Wireless Technologies present a basis for many efficient digitalisation, automation, and security projects in a variety of business environments. All suppliers available in this search engine are experts in their field and offer comprehensive solutions and products based on considerable experience and countless innovative and successfully implemented projects using wireless technology.

On this platform, our focus is primarily RFID technology but also NFC, BLE, RTLS, LPWAN, ORM, and other up-and-coming possibilities. This is where the future lies.

Browse Through our Application Fields to Find the Right Fit!

Whatever the specific requirements for your project might be, this search engine has been optimised to efficiently lead you to the supplier who offers precisely what you need. With our easy filters for Application Fields, the Supplier Search will only present you with those suppliers that provide for exactly the field of business you are looking for, be it healthcare, retail, automotive, or logistics.

Find a Supplier Near You – Or on the Opposite Side of the Globe!

Our Sales Regions filters provide you with suppliers that conduct business in a certain area. Whether you are looking for a supplier with international range or an expert in a specific region, a map on the supplier's profile tells you exactly what you need to know.

Expert Knowledge – Right at Your Fingertips!

In case you already know which hardware components or software is needed for your project, our Supplier Excellence section includes all relevant filters. If you are looking for suppliers that offer research, distribution, integration, or consultancy, you will find them here as well. All suppliers can be contacted directly through their individual profiles.

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