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Tageos Launches EOS-840 RAIN RFID Sensor Inlays

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Tageos Launches EOS-840 RAIN RFID Sensor Inlays

Tageos Launches EOS-840 RAIN RFID Sensor Inlays based on Asygn’s AS321x IC Platform

Tageos, a global leader in RFID inlays and tags, has launched its EOS-840 Sensor products, the market's first versatile, battery-free sensor inlays based on Asygn’s next-gen AS321x chips. The new RAIN RFID (UHF) products provide the latest innovative sensing capabilities for temperature, strain and ambient light monitoring, making them suitable for a broad range of applications in industrial, supply chain and retail environments.

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Tageos is entering the passive RFID sensor market with high-quality products that stand out for their wide sensing range, comprehensive compatibility with existing RAIN RFID readers --even without firmware updates -- and hassle-free on-chip calibration. That superior performance corresponds to the characteristics of Asygn’s AS321x ICs, which Tageos is the first manufacturer to incorporate into RFID inlays and tags with a flexible antenna structure.

Due to an advanced antenna design, EOS-840 Sensor inlays can accommodate without any further modification IC types AS3211, AS3213S and AS3213L, which are uniquely produced by French-based sensor and IC specialist Asygn. All three chip versions come with a temperature sensing capability. In addition, AS3213S can sense strain, while AS3213L can sense ambient light.

Sensing Capabilities for Multiple Use Cases

In accordance with the state-of-the-art sensing capabilities of the respective ICs, each member of the new EOS-840 Sensor family features specific strengths:

  • EOS-840 Sensor T for temperature;
  • EOS-840 Sensor LT for ambient light and temperature;
  • EOS-840 Sensor ST for mechanical strain and temperature.

These capabilities define the range of applications and use cases, which include cold-chain management, grocery and agricultural management, as well as product monitoring, quality control and predictive maintenance in industrial manufacturing, automotive and building construction, to name just a few.

Leveraging Superior IC Technology from Asygn

11 Apr 2022 - EOS-350 M730 Inlay

Asygn’s AS3211, AS3213S and AS3213L ICs, and all related EOS-840 Sensor inlays and tags based on them, can operate in temperatures from -40°C up to 125°C with a resolution of 0.35°C.

All three ICs have the same sensitivity in sensing mode, which is -12dBm with a dipole antenna, enabling read ranges of up to 7 meters for any EOS-840 Sensor inlay. Any required calibration data is stored inside user memory, while equations to obtain the physical data are provided in application notes.

Comprehensive RAIN RFID Compatibility

Any off-the-shelf reader using a standard EPC Gen 2 protocol can collect data from the RFID tags using a standard read command in user memory. EOS-840 Sensor inlays feature an optional operational mode, in which ICs can also return their UID for inventory management purposes, further enhancing the sensor inlays’ applicational scope. Furthermore, their comprehensive RAIN RFID compatibility and outstanding RF performance allow for the use of existing reader infrastructures as well as novel drone-based readers.

Affordable Solutions for a Wide Area of Applications

Serving a wider range of applications than more costly and less convenient “heavy-duty” hard tags, all battery-free EOS-840 Sensor inlays and tags can be deployed in environments where active or semi-active sensors for temperature, strain and ambient light are not practical or economically feasible. FCC and ETSI compliant, Tageos’ new sensor inlays are easy to implement globally, and work on different low- and high-dielectric materials like cardboard, plastics, stone, wood, and construction materials.

Tapping into New Markets

“With the new EOS-840 Sensor AS321x inlays, we are fundamentally expanding our product portfolio. In so doing, we are highlighting our innovative strength and tapping into new markets to support our existing partners and customers even better, and to attract new ones. All of them will surely benefit from the top-level expertise that Tageos and Asygn are jointly offering to help develop novel use cases and applications for the latest RAIN RFID sensor inlays,” said Chris Reese, Chief Technology Officer at Tageos.

Available in large quantities as of now, EOS-840 Sensor inlays come in dry and plastic-face format with a compact antenna size of 70 x 25 mm (2.76 x 0.98 in). Samples can be requested via Tageos’ sales team.

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