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Tageos Welcomes Renowned Investor Fedrigoni Group

Image: Tageos

Tageos Welcomes Renowned Investor Fedrigoni Group

Tageos Accelerates New Levels of Sustainable Growth!

Tageos, a global leader in RFID inlays and tags, today announced a new majority shareholder: Fedrigoni Group. The company is a leading global player in the production of high value-added special papers for packaging, publishing and graphics, as well as in premium labels and self-adhesive materials.

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Founded in 1888, and a Bain Capital asset since 2018, Fedrigoni Group has acquired the majority stake of Tageos’ capital through a direct investment, and from current shareholders including Newfund Capital and the company’s founders, who will retain their leadership positions in the company.

For several years, Tageos has experienced very high growth rates, far above the overall RFID industry level. For the French-based RFID powerhouse, this great success is accompanied by the need to continue its sustainable growth and global expansion strategy to meet and support the latest customer and market requirements worldwide.

Enabling Higher Production Capacity and Global Expansion for Tageos

In response to these needs, Tageos decided to broaden its ownership structure and capitalization power. Fedrigoni Group – as well as its owner Bain Capital – not only proved to be the most suitable partner to support the company in its expansion plans: It will also enable Tageos to further boost its production capacity and, at the same time, enter new markets and serve existing and new customers better than ever before.

Matthieu Picon, CEO at Tageos, wholeheartedly supports this conclusion.

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“What we are announcing today sets the future direction for everyone at Tageos. We are very proud and honored to welcome our new investor Fedrigoni, who combines a long-standing history and stability with innovation and passion. Our companies’ DNA and ambitions match perfectly, as do our complementary customer bases and target audiences. I am sure that customers and market partners alike will quickly see the increased opportunities this will bring not only to Tageos, but also to the overall RFID market and applications.”

Supporting Fedrigoni’s Primacy in the Self-adhesive Materials Market

This synergy is confirmed from Fedrigoni's perspective as well, since Tageos’ extensive RFID expertise and innovative product portfolio not only support the Group’s ambition to further strengthen its leading market position by providing “smart labels” to its customers and key markets: It also contributes to its diversification of product offerings. Consequently, the global player considers its investment a logical addition to six earlier acquisitions in the last two years.

It will enable Fedrigoni to add more value to its customers and existing markets, such as food, wine & spirits, cosmetics, healthcare & pharma. Moreover, the company will strengthen its market share in retail, logistics and industrial applications, which have been identified as key strategic growth areas.

“Tageos is a company with excellent growth prospects and operates in sectors that are definitely interesting for us, with a technology and customer base that is very complementary to ours,” says Marco Nespolo, CEO of the Fedrigoni Group. “Thanks to this acquisition, we are entering the ‘smart label’ market, pursuing our strategy of continuously widening our offer in all the most attractive and promising adjacent segments.”

“Tageos has been a leading player in the RFID market for years. We are very excited and eager to continue our commitment to the company, following on from our support for Tageos since 2012, and to help drive its future growth and continued success,” said Francois Veron, General Partner at Newfund Capital.

While all parties agreed to not disclose any further conditions of the deal, they did state that as part of the agreement, Fedrigoni will have the possibility to purchase the remaining shares in Tageos in the future.

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